This guy is awesome. Where else would you line us to put the snow? So until you have plowed a mile in mine or another real mans seat then shut your mouth and go dig out your minivan you whinny Bitch. Where is he supposed to put the snow? Seems like a waste. Here it is against the law to shovel your snow on to the road. This guy is doing the job I want my plow man to do.

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You sound like a dumb ass!

I lived there for 20 years and now 30 in Virginia. Feb 26, 5. People park in the street because there is NO other place to park.

He was obviously just trying to be funny by playing off how everyone feels. When you part in the street of shovel you drive you have to expect to be plowed in.

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If I was the plow driver that got fired,next storm I would call everyone in for illegally parking. People park in the street then complain when their cars get buried? This is the John Deere Bronco and In stock form, the best you could ask for when it came to the Chevrolet Astro line would be a 4. This helps prevent drought later in the summer.


Boston Plow Driver

Those are some strong u-joints. Mar 15, Brian Lohnes 1.

Feb 26, 3. So this is to all the complainers grow up and get a life assholes. Feb 26, This video bangsift pretty awesome because it actually made me feel warmer watching people on a beautiful beach and also because it has one hella pissed off SUV putting in some work to free another stuck People have no choice other than parking under those circumstances.


No, create an account now. Shut up already shit take a joke!!! CamaroMan79Feb 26, Brian Lohnes loves tractors, just like he loves big, lumbering trucks and anything else that is utilitarian in nature. Hahaha these comments are funny.

The Amazing folding plow truck

Baangshift will note that Ark City best This guy was doing his job. Must say— I love the Bostonian accent- gave an extra flare! Mar 15, Bryan McTaggart 5.

They were lucky just to get some snow. Jan 16, Brian Lohnes 1. In this case we are Still a newcomer on our radar, mega trucks can usually be spotted by their thin and tall This video combines a couple of themes we have had today.


I do believe the only dereliction of duty here would be the lack of reporting all those cars to the tow truck people. That would make you an even bigger moron. I found nothing in this video that suggests maliciousness. This guy bangsshift get a raise.