New song bundles available. The beamz is a laser -based music device. Let’s start with older adults. When a laser beam is broken, the software program plays a musical note , event, or musical phrase that is always harmonious to the other sounds being played at that time. This feature makes the Beamz an interesting and motivational tool. Sighted assistance will be needed during the installation and set-up process. While the Beamz may seem somewhat expensive, too often gifts are purchased that are either not accessible or that will be used a few times and then discarded because of limited opportunities for interaction.

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There are few musical instruments that you can start playing immediately, without making lots of dreadful sounding noises.

Beamz Music Player

beams You can play four different sounds at one time on the Beamz, you can choose to have the background music playing, or just make sounds by themselves. As a former music therapist and teacher of the visually impaired, I was very interested when I first saw the Beamz music system at a conference last spring.

You can reach us at 00 Archived from the original on AccessWorld is a trademark of the American Foundation for the Blind. This is not very practical, but the manufacturer is working to improve this part of the experience. Even without sound, there’s something inherently gratifying about breaking the beam of a laser with your hand. There is more to the Beamz than just triggering sequenced sounds.


‎Beamz on the App Store

Signs on San Diego. As the Minimaloop progresses, the loops you created change pitch to reflect the progression of the song. Furthermore, the songs sound olayer, the first time they are played and every time. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat It stands over 17 inches in height The user activates the sounds by interrupting the laser beams with their hands, fingers, or other objects.

How it Works

Two of the songs that are included act as “live loopers”, which enable you to layer sounds on top of one another. Beamz is already being used in homes, schools, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

The print Plaher Guide directs you to the Beamz website to download the drivers and Beamz software. I selected the first song in the playlist, “3 a. The teaching of basic concepts such as cause and effect, directionality up, down, left, right, in and outand turn taking are just a few of the educational activities Ms.

If you p,ayer to have a fog machine in your living room and let’s face it – everyone should then playing the Beamz also makes you the conductor of a full blown laser light show. Overall, the controller is approximately 25 inches long, 6 inches deep, and 8 inches high. The music system that you control with your hands or only your eyes.

Physical Description The hardware component of the Beamz music system is a controller made of lightweight, sturdy plastic, shaped somewhat like the uppercase print letter W.


Beamz – Tobii Dynavox

A recent threaded discussion on ;layer Vision Rehab Therapist list discussed the use and beamx of music and music therapy with older adults experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s. I wish I could add my own sound loops or student created loops to the app’s library. One song called Loop De Loop lets you build up your own composition piece by piece, transforming the Beamz into an instrument that can be used to create totally original sequences that you can perform on the fly.

Additional genres available on their website include: Use Beamz to teach basic cause and effect, directionality, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, common core subjects and more. Beamz lasers can be triggered by:.

As a frustrated musician with limited performance skills, I have to say that I find the Beamz to be an interesting tool for making music. New song bundles available. The parents loved it, because everyone could have plaayer with the Beamz, it was exciting beanz everybody, and the parents started coming up with additional ideas of how to use the Beamz as a learning tool and as a fun tool.

Some older adults have sedentary lifestyles and limited social interactions. It is a W-shaped table-top optical control device with several laser beams.