When pressing the FEED button again, the printer will enter into the configuration setting mode. When using paper with black marks, the printer should be configured accordingly in the Configuration setting function see 4. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. All print head control is performed via a gate array. The thermal head is an ESD-sensitive device. Page 30 Q to turn on, which turn on the buzzer. One is installed in the printer on the right hand side; the second one is added in the box of the printer.

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Without any paper guide: Remove the four screws on the control board M3x4 and take out the main control board.


Failing to do so might damage the moving blade of the cutter. The moving blade might be able to move to its home-position, which enables opening of the top cover, Beiayng this does not occur and the top cover is still stuck, than continue with the next steps. When encountering a cutter malfunction due to neiyang paper jam or due to an unexpected power loss, do not open the top cover of the printer by force since the moving blade of the cutter might have blocked the cover.


Also the escape code GS A can be sent from the host which will print the hexadecimal dump.

When disassembling and assembling, avoid all wires and cables form damages. Marks will be measured when printing or feeding. Press the plastic shrapnel in position 1 along the direction of 2002no arrow, while rotating the thumbwheel in the direction as shown. A paper guide in the slot 1: From this point on, all data received by the printer will be printed in hexadecimal numbers and in its corresponding characters.

Page 29 The detector circuits are made up of the following circuits: If needed the heat sensitive side of the paper can be found by scratching both sides of the paper beiyangg a hard object.

CRS | SNBC BTPNP Thermal Receipt Printer

The paper with black marks needs the meet the following specifications: The default printer setting is horizontal printing and paper near end sensor is at the bottom of the paper house. Please check and operate according to check method and solution. Pull out the interface board. The motor drive uses a special purpose motor IC U Do not use paper rolls that have the paper glued to the core because the printer cannot detect the paper end correctly.

A driver is built into the print head. In this way the roll will not be obstructed from rolling during printing.


The board types are below: If the sensor detects that the mark height is larger than that default value default mark height is 13mmprinter will report Paper end error. Remove the glue with a screw driver line type.

BEIYANG BTP-2002-NP Thermal 3 1/8 Inch x 160′ HEAVY 50 Rolls

Troubleshooting Table Of Contents Unidirectional with friction feed 4 Printing width max: The paper guides are indispensable parts of the printer and should be kept safely with the printer. Be sure to protect it against electrostatic damage when maintaining print head and other electronics.

Then open the top cover to clear paper jam or such the like. Remove the printer top cover. The main menu for the key-stroke setting procedure is printed.

Yang Min V1. No part beiyzng this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of New Beiyang.

Peng Yuan Bin Mr. In case the moving blade is blocking the cover of the printer, follow the instructions below to solve the problem.