This was also necessary to counter Intel’s newer Core Duo notebooks. The only drawback is that BenQ has overdone it and the many prominent round black feet spoil the look. Sell your Spare Parts on PcHub. There is no handy switch to activate the wireless functionality, which is useful to ensure that the notebook is not unintentionally wirelessly linked, especially in public hotspots where security could be an issue. The only place I could find this part. I Can Supply This. And that’s probably what BenQ intended from the start.

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Conclusion It’s obviously not an ultra portable but portable it is.

Introduction Introduction In mobile computing, Intel is by far the undisputed leader in processors. In order benw protect the screen, BenQ has included rubber feets such that the screen and the keyboard make no contact when closed.

BenQ Joybook P41 (AMD Turion 64 X2)

Quite often, we find ourselves re-installing our systems and the inclusion of these discs where we can pick and choose what we want, rather than a generic recovery disc is preferable to us, though you may disagree. It’s not going to razzle-dazzle you with its multimedia bejq despite its widescreen pretentiousness but it’s not a stranger to multimedia.

The only place I could find this part.

We welcome you to sell your spare parts on PcHub. It would also be suitable for simple leisurely jiybook like watching movies or surfing the Internet. The power consumption did seem to have improved significantly though. The mid-fi closed-back headphone edition 28 Dec – Feature.


At least the directional arrow keys are not overly reduced to save space though of course don’t expect a numbed pad. Well packaged, delivered ahead of initial delivery date.

And finally, it’s not the quietest or the coolest of notebooks as the noise can be quite apparent once the notebook starts to work hard. The BenQ Joybook P41 can be quite noisy when the going gets tough. They claim that the lack of a ridge between the pad and the keys allows your fingers to glide smoothly between the pad and the keys.

BenQ’s marketing stresses the ‘elevated’ hinge that supposedly increases the height of the screen and puts it more level with the eye for viewing comfort. Simply a very good ultrabook 29 Dec – Review. Simply a very good ultrabook 29 Dec – Review. Despite the inroads made by AMD into joygook server and desktop segment in recent years with its K8 architecture, AMD has found it difficult to break Intel’s stranglehold in this increasingly significant market.

This time round, BenQ boasts of its exclusive UltraVivid technology, with a brightness rated at up to nits. For Joybook P41 Series “New”. It’s an original AC adapter. The integrated graphics will likely bring some disappointment among those who hope to play games on this notebook.

Drivers for Benq Joybook P41 notebooks Wi-Fi devices

Its early attempts to translate the success of its desktop processors to the mobile arena were stymied after the marketing geniuses at Intel came up with the Centrino concept and proceeded to brand it onto the consciousness of even the most ignorant of consumers. Great experience doing business with you.


Falling Just Short Unlike many notebooks still using the standard aspect ratio, the BenQ goes for the trendy widescreen look that’s more prevalent among the desktop replacement cum multimedia workstation class.

Prev Page 3 of 6. If you ask us, we aren’t too sure what’s the user group this notebook is focused on here, as the Joybook P41 seems to gravitate towards the jack-of-all-trades, master of none category.

Conclusion : BenQ Joybook P41 (AMD Turion 64 X2) –

For schoolwork and presentations, this notebook would suffice more than adequately. So if the marketing works, a consumer should only care that a Turion 64 enabled notebook will do everything that a Centrino jkybook do, without needing to delve into the details. Based on the few benchmarks that we saw in the preview with that early pre-production notebook, the Turion 64 X2 has lots of jpybook just waiting to be unleashed by vendors.

I Can Supply This. AMD however has continued plugging at the mobile segment, with mobile versions of their desktop Athlon 64 and Sempron lines.

The latest jogbook was the Turion 64 Mobile Technology, which aims to duplicate the success of Intel’s Centrino by coupling a Turion 64 processor with motherboard and wireless chipsets transparently. It’s not suited for serious gaming integrated graphicsthough it has DirectX 9.