Has something changed with the broadcom drivers? If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. As I’ve found out, to systemize this a little, there are four driver families available: I tried to install bfwcutter by addnig the Ubuntu CD to the list of repositories, but another error message came up. As Luis Alvarado’s answer mentions, Required firmware is installed by default in the package linux-firmware.

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Then I returned the ubunyu and connected the PC to electricity. Thanks for your help. Seems to me that I’ve heard there are drivers for that card in kernel 2.

[SOLVED] Problem with wireless card–broadcom bcm

Its not allowing me to bcm9431mpg it. The following information is additional material to read about solving various issues related to Wireless Management and conflicts with other Network devices. Either solving minor problems that were happening with a working card or making the card work for the broadcom bcj94318mpg linux time. Kat Amsterdam 2, 1 10 Let me offer a blunt and partly non-analytical solution:.


Run the following commands to get the Wifi properly working:.

Just go to Network Manager The network icon on the top panel. Turns out the driver is in that one for the specific kernel version.

Before getting involved in ndiswrapper, I, personally would get a different wireless lan card. This includes any installations using apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, dpkg, software center or manual compilation and installation of the packages. This problem was solved by the following steps: Output of the lspci -nn -d 14e4: Open Software Centersearch and install the following packages.

Read the Debugging section below for more information regarding this wireless device. ubkntu

To lower or eliminate the dropping rate of your wireless device, try to position yourself where your wireless card can see only one router or at least one of the routers has a higher signal strength than the other one. Thanks for your help anyways Petronilla Escarabajo.: Remember to have a clean system before installing it:.

Install Broadcom b43 and b43-legacy wireless driver in Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 / 12.04

Then you probably are lacking the firmware for the broadcom card. Others simply turned the WiFi switch on their laptops off and then on again Physical switch available on this laptops.


You may need to install synaptic or your favorite package manager.

Some kind of update in the download? Everything else works fine but Ubuntu doesn’t recognize my WiFi.

As Luis Alvarado’s answer mentions, Thanks a bcm943188mpg this work for me. On this page I would select the corresponding architecture 32 or 64 but would also need to download the 3 package dependencies mentioned on that page as seen in the following image:. Forced PIO do the following: Now it’s working wirelessly.


Now go to the last Tab in there that mentions IPv6 Settings. Just installing the additional drivers, it works in my Dell Vostro I’m not sure of what I’ve done.

It also didn’t work. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.