I will update everyone on this later. Real speed will be lower than that. I went to the exchange n confirmed it. Hii,i’m from kerala and i’m using bsnl wll connection for internet. I think very limited centers would be providing it. So I think it does not make any difference at all. Is he both able and willing?

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I need unlimited internet as data card has lower rental it bsnp cheaper. Is he able, but not willing? Remember you should have a WLL phone not a regular landline.

Bsnl provide Datacard under monthly rental or outright purchase Rs. BSNL provided me no help; d service guys don’t even know how 2 setup a net connection!!!


I tried with another, it showed !! Please checkup warranty conditions before buying the Handset. Dude i’m using WLL internet from june I will update everyone on this later. I was never informed about the deposit when I had taken the WLL connection.


Then he is not omnipotent. No, create an account now. CDMA sets from many reputed manufacturers are available in the market.


In addition to the normal charges mentioned above they have even added Rs for the last 5 month. WLL phone service operates within a range of 25km radius. I think its d setup I did limiting the ell to kbps instead of kbps.

This facility is provided through Fixed Wireless Terminal. What I am getting now is even less than normal dialup.

Wireless in Local Loop

The following procedure may be followed for establishing Internet connection. The antenna is connected to wall set. After that each MB is Charged 90 paise. You can still apply for and get a WLL phone.

Aug 10, Brodaband It is called as High-Speed internet. The speed provided by the WLL Internet is wl. The maximum speed of upload is 13kbps. The time now is It is given at a free of cost. Subscribers are advisced to check condition and warranty for the sets they are buying. That is only for accessing net on broadabnd cell phone, right? Is he neither able nor willing?


Share This Page Tweet. The Fixed Wireless Terminal FWT will be wall mounted and provided with an indoor type or outdoor type antenna depending on the location of the premises keeping in view the strength of the radio signal to be transmitted and received. On enquiry at the Local exchange they said they have started to bill the internet rental only from this month and the overdue rental would be collected from this month.

I stay metres from the exchange tower and network range is peak. This month I got a bill from them which gave me a big shock!! This looks promising, but how is the speed going, is it at least having a speed of 75 kbps, then it is really worth it, else, we might be browsing browdband the speed of dial-up!