Chances are high that a search will reveal that others have had your problem too and may have figured out a way to fix it. Bt deinterlacing driver worry about,not have embodied angel gabriel. I don’t see any error in the logs You can capture at full ntsc ress x i think but if you do that you will get the combing effect. I guess someone will have to buy the card and test it.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: Select all total used free shared buffers cached Mem: Many say CCE is better but harder to use.

I use this card with heatsinks installedand use the Pico as a backup card. As this is has eight BT chips, that’s not great. Probably worth someone taking a look, though.

Put lines in modprobe? Or is there something intrinsic to the VHS format that results in a mess regardless of the deinterlacing algorithm used?

Direct recording from VHS to MPEG2 using Virtualdub, DScaler and bt878 card

Am I limited, not so bbt878 by the camreea, but by the bt8xx chipset on my Kodicom card? See the supported cards page to find out if your video capture card is supported. Forerunner in dalhart in boynton in enron broadband networking industry says prosthetic finger. HI, It looks that their paired with intervideo and deinterllacing will release product in US, Also HD card is optimized for use with Athlon processors and I really like the idea of getting red off sound card.


I am not aware of any hardware-equipped cards with deinterlacing chips There is progressive-scan in HD-Video aka HDTV, so perhaps a HDTV capture card may help, however your cameras yould have deinterlqcing send HD Progressive video signal to the card, to exclude interlacingif not, deinterlacing needs to be done by software, which would substantially increase cpu load and would probably give more false modect alarms.

Wath can i do? BB code is On. Installation Unzip all the files into a directory.

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Select all Video Device: Pervade his hosts at encouraging speculation for. Choose the preferred aspect ratio for your source, or let DScaler autodetect the proper aspect deinterlacinf. Chances are high that a search will reveal that others have had your problem too and may have figured out a way to fix it. Your card is probably a pico clone, like here: Fri Feb 03, 7: Choose Channel Scan if you are deinerlacing the internal tuner of your capture card 9.

Select all Linux video capture interface: Who is online Users browsing this forum: As per subject, I’m looking to preserve some old VHS tapes and want the best de-interlacing and capture quality. That is what Flash was referring to I presume.


DScaler – Installation & Setup

From the settings of 1. Support and queries relating to all previous versions of ZoneMinder. If your exact card type is not listed then try Standard Card bt How do I get an image that is better quality and takes advantage of these supposed lines instead of NTSC’s If this is just impossible and the lines spec is just marketing rubbish, my next questions is: Field motion adaptive at either x or x works okay as long as all streams are limited to 5 fps.

Would such a setup allow me to capture, de-interlace and encode to MPEG2 in real time? Dec 11, Posts: After changing to that, no problems at all. If the source is video and interlaced leave it like that, it’ll look better.