This allocation may be performed by appropriate commands from the host processor and requires partitioning the physical device into one or more logical areas. As stated earlier, this is not always necessary but facilitates region manipulation in the macro regions, Region 9 through Region 12 – , in this example. These commands are usually encoded in individual characters which collectively comprise a command and its arguments. It then translates this data and takes appropriate action depending on the information contained in the report, e. This is accomplished primarily through D-type positive-edge triggered flip-flops with preset and clear – , one of which is dedicated to synchronizing data flows from the CPU to HPI and the other data flows from the HPI to CPU

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During such execution, it makes no differentiation as to the source of the command thereby enabling the entire command set be stored and executed within a Stored Calcompp.

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The firmware description includes block flowcharts of computer instructions for combining the Interface and microprocessor circuit and the application example demonstrates their use in creating a template menuing system.

This jumper allows for one or none of up to eight different interrupt signals to the host to be chosen. Commands addressed to the device layer are specified with a tablet address, rather than device address, in order to facilitate the allocation of multiple logical tablets per physical device. Procedure closed successfully, device not open, tablet not open, region not open or procedure not defined.

Furthermore, in the event the translation is based upon locations within the digitizer, information pertaining to the specific digitizer such as its physical size and configuration must be used in the translation which often constrains the translation to a specific digitizer and requires a different methodology for each digitizer size and type.

32180 The Coordinate bit bit 8 will be set in the first packet word event word if the coordinates are present and the Relative bit bit 9 will be set if the coordinates are relative to the last reported position. This is a continuation of the prior application Ser.


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Similarly, the control bit written to pin D 2 at the octal-latch will inhibit the SOBE signal. Region opened successfully, cslcomp not open, tablet not open, region already open, calconp bounds illegal or insufficient memory to open region. Then, as in the case of Region 0if a local coordinate system is to be used, it is further defined in terms of its extents or resolution, origin and rotation. Each of these sections specified for clarification only lists the command codes and their arguments in hexadecimal notation along with a textual command description.

This signal appears on at the Q output of the flip-flop with preset and clear and is a logic-high when the data buffer is full labelled IBF Macro ended successfully, device not open, tablet not open, macro not open or recording in progress.

A method implemented by a first computer program running on a computer for transferring a control command from a second program running on the computer to any one of a plurality of digitizers connected to the computer, comprising:. The microprocessor 38 is also capable of creating an active-low signal on this pin in order to provide asynchronous reset to calcojp parts of the circuit.

Method and system for providing hot plug of adapter cards in an expanded slot environment.

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The BIU 32 is responsible for decoding the address and control signals from the host processor and channels data from the PIO 30 onto or off of the host data bus The system reset signal RESETis active-high and must be inverted through hex inverter and converted to an open-collector signal by for use by the circuit. Since aclcomp regions will constitute file menu selections for 32180 host processor application, coordinate data is not required and events from these regions will contain only the event bits satisfied button 1 up and the region address.

Pen or Pointer Region calcomo Group: Instead, each will be assigned a Stored Procedure consisting of a series of Interface commands which will be executed upon activation of the specific region in this case 231880 release of button 1. Copies the macro queue to the packet queue for delivery to the Application.


E VENTS Event commands govern the types of user-actions which trigger an event within a given region and are applicable only at the region layer.

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Finally, host transmission is enabled if not already so in order to begin transfer of the packet queue data to the host processor. Ends a Stored Procedure definition which maybe subsequently executed either by a user-action or the Execute Procedure command.

These signals are directly connected to pins OE and WE of the static ram The resulting region extents from the new resolution cannot exceed 32, Conversely, the inverted level of this signal appears at the Q output of the flip-flop with preset and clear indicating to the HPI the output buffer is empty.

Macro closed successfully, device not open, tablet not open, macro recording in progress or macro not open. This microprocessor may be implemented as either an input-output processor for the host system, dedicated external controller or a replacement to the digitizer microprocessor itself; the choice of which is governed by cost and performance considerations.

Each region permits the specification of individual coordinate systems or stored sequences of commands. Closes the region addressed and destroys its Stored Procedure, if defined. Since the use of decoupling capacitors is considered good digital design, is well-known and does not affect the functionality of the circuit, they are not discussed in detail. Returns the X and Y region resolution in packet words three and four, respectively.