I highly recommend that shaft if your in that speed range. A titanium cup-face area with VFT Variable Face Thickness technology is married to a lightweight composite body with epoxy, and a series of internal weights distribute mass to specific areas of the perimeter to increase the Moment of Inertia MOI to increase forgiveness, and also to create different types of ball flight. Try up the middle. I picked up the FTI today since golf galaxy has them at a whopping dollars. Callaway has made a shaft switch with these new drivers, moving from the Aldila NVS that was the stock offering on the FT-3 to a pair of shafts from Fujikura. Anything that helps make the game more enjoyable for the average higher handicap player has to be a good thing. A lack of control and direction has now been replaced with a gentle and controllable fade yes, fade – it won’t magically turn a dodgy swing into a perfect draw every time!

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I have hit it only a few times, so I will have to return and give my on-course opinion. Both the FT-5 and FT-i drivers have a pair of available weight configurations — draw or neutral. His driving looks pretty good so far.

As a better than average golger I gave the new Callaway a tryout. I could not stop smiling. I hate to be the resident dissident in this forum but. The square design of the FT-i left is unusual but conducive to an easy setup, while the FT-5 is clean and uncomplicated. The headcovers are different. This is the best sounding driver ever, and is also longggg!!!! This Driver is cal,away only good to look atbut performs equally as well.


Callaway Golf Clubs Ft-5 Draw 9* Driver Stiff Value

vallaway When you hit this club on the screws, it goes…and goes straight. I just got my callaway ft-5 driver today and i went out golfing. The gram weight located at the rear of the driver lowers the CG for optimal trajectory. Make sure you try it before you buy it though.

Any feedback you can provide in regards to these two drivers would be great… Thanks for another great review!! Which one is easier gol shape the ball? I am debating buying another and replacing my other driver that lives in my house on the Algarve.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Draw Driver

I wuld rate the driver as average at best. Surely this cannot last: The FT-i left has a slightly deeper and more narrow hitting area than the FT-5 right.

The differences are more than cosmetic, as each driver will appeal to a certain type of player.

The shape golt almost square at address, with a crease down the top that gives the driver the look of a square pepper. Much more confidence on the tee. At address the ft5 seems larger all round and gives one more confidence the difference it quite amazing considering that they are both the same size.

Callaway FT-5 Draw Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

Thus, less side spin…or slice. I love clubd 9. My drives were at least 20 yards farther than with my old driver. I would be interested to see what a good clubfitter could do with the FT-i, though, for a better player.


However, I thought I would give this one a try and the results so far are great. I wonder if it was a last-minute idea, and the headcovers and grips were already designed and ordered. At this point, I would mainly recommend it to higher handicappers who really struggle off the tee, especially with getting their drives airborne.

Callaway FT 5 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 73 reviews –

Too stiff a shaft on your old club, and your ball may have started right, and calaway more right rraw to a misfitted shaft. But, when you miss the screws on the outer third of the face, you are going to lose significant distance. What really impresses me about the club is that, around my home course, everyone from hackers to the head pro has very good things to say about it. The FT-i stock shaft is the Fujikura Speeder shaft, a specially tuned version of the popular shaft with Triax stabilizing technology.