An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. These keys may be on key modules that do not actually exist. Select CallBridge Collection and click Change. For dialing, only those ISDN cards can be used that are directly connected to a headset or telephone! Download our new sample program today! Click here for a complete list of available sample programs provided by ExceleTel. Using CallBridge TU, developers can now have access to all of the features of their handset using one simple windows interface.

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If the computer and the telephone are connected via the USB cable, the Hardware wizard will start automatically.

For this, you need a CAPI 2. We recom- mend a password length of at least 6 characters. Under Windows NT 4.

etSiemens Sample Program

The CallBridge installation is now complete. Never connect two telephones to your computer at the same time using different 7 types of ports.

Download our new sample program today! Click Next and follow the dialogs. Download the current version of CallBridge and extract the contents of the ZIP file to a di- rectory of your choice. ExceleTel TeleTools can be used to build applications like this one from scratch or to integrate the available features of your Hi Pat h system into existing applications.


We hope to provide real value to the end user while demonstrating the power of TeleTools. OR To clear all keys, click the Clear Keys button.

Hicom E Office V1. This application is a soft-phone callbrldge duplicates the features of your handset.

MH System, Computer telephony integration

If no telephone is found, the following dialog will appear: When configuring a call pickup group, you must observe the project planning rules 7 of the communication platform; otherwise there could be functional problems when operating CallBridge. AGI Subject to availability.

Download the etSiemens Sample Program. Click here for various data sheets and driver downloads at www. Check the default setting for the codes.

CallBridge Collection converts these into the appropriate protocol elements for the relevant Siemens communication platform. These keys may calbridge on key modules that do not actually exist.

You can do this as follows: It is not possible to guarantee that every function will operate correctly on all software 7 available on the market, even if the manufacturer claims the software is based on the TAPI interface.

This means that you can only answer an incoming call or establish a connection to the remote station by manually lifting the receiver.

Select the option Search for the best driver for your device Recommended and Specify a location. See the fol- lowing example: Telephone application You can use any telephone application available on the market provided it was developed with the TAPI interface.


Before you run this sample be sure that the Callbridge software provided with your telephone handset is properly callbrridge or check with your PBX administrator. TAPI is a standard defined by Microsoft that enables non-manufacturer-dependent telephone applications to be used on manufacturer-specific hardware.

Siemens Technical Information

Hicom E Office V1. DLL or later provides its services to the telephone application and uses messages to report the actions and events that have been completed. If you have an optiPointenter the user password set up in optiPoint Other- wise these features are not available for CallBridge, even though they are displayed in the following key assignment setting options.

The following sample programs include Siemens specific features:. These calpbridge only be callbridgge if the user is authorized for the relevant features: Only in connection with fully duplex enabled sound card Problem is that an incoming call is accepted automatically!