His performance is real, save for a few forced father-daughter moments. I don’t start writing something I can’t make. Sometimes I do, but normally really specific things just come to me, and I think that’s how ideas work. Kickstarter is not a store. None of my movies come to me in form of short films, maybe it’s some weird blockage I have. Thanks to Calvin for speaking with me. That’s a big part of what I want to ask you about.

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The limitations aren’t exciting, I just know how to work inside them. But only to a certain degree Kickstarter is not a store.

Calvin Lee Reeder Writer, Director With a strange piledriverr of underground horror shock and existential atmosphere, Calvin Lee Reeder made a name for himself with short films like Piledriver and Little Farm.

I think it’s gotten so fucking precious; we’re just looking to those heroes of ours a little too much. Fuck that, I don’t want to pay for your expenses, but I would help with the movie.

Calvin Reeder – IMDb

I’m not an improv person — not that I’m against it I just don’t do it. None of my movies come to me in form of short films, maybe it’s some weird blockage I have.


Questions about this project? Zombie-human relations broke down some time ago because of competing agendas that are just too different to coexist.

We learn the infection comes on incrementally over roughly a two-week period. Do successful filmmakers actually care? How have pileddriver evolved as a screenwriter since your first batch of short films? It’s like, great, we’re gonna watch their movies, we’re gonna learn from Bergman, we’re gonna learn from Andy Warhol but also fuck those guys, y’know?


Do you feel pigeonholed as a “weirdo” filmmaker or do you embrace labels? As a filmmaker you know what it takes to make a movie, and sometimes the number attached to these projects are just exorbitant. So it was like, what battle do I want to pick: It’s really great to have an idea that you feel is original and then be able to lean on other films to see how they pulled things off or get inspired.

I do set up a few boundaries, I try to write as minimal as possible.

Micro-Budget Horror Master Calvin Reeder Returns to his Short Film Roots

It’s a way to bring creative projects to calvun. Ships to Only United States. Why do they let her out of quarantine? Learn more about accountability.

Micro-Budget Horror Master Calvin Reeder Returns to his Short Film Roots

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming out. Thanks to Calvin piledrver speaking with me. It’s not very classy to takes swipes at other kickstarters whilst delivering a thinly veiled e-beg.


Upon entry, the strangers learn their curiosity is probably better left unsatisfied in this particular situation. A filmmaker with a very particular reedwr of writing skills takes a look at the latest revenge thriller from Liam Neeson.

Because sometimes seeing a film straight just isn’t the right choice I remember the first time we hung out it was a process for me, as a young person not knowing anything, of cutting away the veneer. So since nothing was happening this summer we said let’s make these shorts. The Oregonian was an abstract project; it was like “How do I find people to do this? And in the end, someone who you know has to get blasted.

Does a low-key genre entry starring Arnold deserve its existence? Realizing that filmmakers are just people, not gods.