Manual focus override is important because most autofocus cameras will simply refuse to take a picture if they aren’t able to achieve a solid focus lock. Indicators in the upper left-hand corner show the flash mode no icon means auto-flash , and whether or not the lens is set to macro mode. The camera will still shut down after 2, 5, or 10 minutes, as set by the auto-shutdown timer. Note that the “Off” position for the sleep setting only means that the screen will stay lit as long as the camera is on. Conclusion Overall, the QVSX turns in a very respectable “megapixel” performance, with some unique features either unavailable or hard to find elsewhere. Detail seems to fall off a bit quickly in the shadows, but there are absolutely no compression artifacts to be seen anywhere at least to our eyes. While the colors are a little muted, they clean up quite nicely with a quick “auto levels” in Photoshop.

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Here are samples shot with the EV setting turned down 2 steps and turned down 4 steps.

We found the worst-case cycle time to be about 19 seconds with the flash enabled, and a set of NiMH AA batteries with very little charge left in them.

The most commonly used operating controls are directly accessible via the top-panel buttons, while less common ones are reached via a menu system using the LCD screen to display menu choices. While we’re sad to see the “past” and “future” recording modes go, we’re pleased by the autofocus lens and the higher resolution that the QVSX brings. Thus, we were very pleased to see the option for manual aperture control appear on the QV, with settings of f2.

As with the main outdoor portrait shot, good detail albeit slightly soft, good tonality but slight loss in shadows, slightly muddy color which cleans up easily in Photoshop.

As mentioned earlier, movie files occupy the same space as 4 “Economy” frames. Title backgrounds can even have varying degrees of transparency.


This lets you achieve almost perfect alignment every time.

In other words, if we left the flash in “off” kamerra, it remained so when we next turned the camera on. Mobile Dijifal by Joshua Goldman Nov 19, Casio Agfa Digital Camera Casio.

Then, whenever you press the shutter button all the way down, the previously-stored movie frames are saved to disk, producing a movie of all that went before your final shutter-release. We’ve never experienced this ourselves, but suggest you be very careful not to csaio your batteries too far: Movies on the QV can be 32, 48, or 64 frames long, stored as two, three, or four x image frames in memory.

As we mentioned earlier, we were somewhat surprised to find that the QV’s exposure didn’t “lock” at the same time as the focus did.

Casio QV-5000SX (1998)

Bottom line, it’s a nice feature to have for those times you need it, and a worthwhile addition to digital cameras, as long as it comes more or less for free e. Once images are captured, they can be viewed on the rear-panel LCD screen, a 2.

In this category, we found the QV’s performance to be very good relative to other cameras on the market: The normal autofocus range is from 12 inches 0. Overall though, the ‘s color rendition clearly puts it in the mainstream of megapixel-class digital cameras.

The QVSX’s optical viewfinder is a fixed-view design, but includes framing marks for both normal and macro shooting. A much better approach though, is for the exposure meter to base its calculations on exactly the part of the subject you’re most interested in.

In general though, you can evaluate detail in the bricks, shingles, and window detail, and in the tree branches against the sky. In “past” mode, you begin the recording process by half-pressing the shutter release. With the back-panel switch set to “Rec,” you’re ready to take a picture. Operation and User Interface With all its operating modes and features, you’d expect the QVSX to be cumbersome or complex to operate.


Given the wide array casoo functions on the QVSX, we can’t realistically step through each one here, but we’ll describe several of the major functions to give a general sense of what it’s like to operate the camera.

Detail seems to fall off a bit quickly in the shadows, but there wv absolutely no compression artifacts to be seen anywhere at least to our eyes. Using the self-timer with such a tripod gives vibrations time to die down before the shutter trips, contributing to sharper pictures.

Casio QVSX Drivers Download – Update Casio Software

As noted earlier, the flash on the QVSX is significantly improved over that of earlier Casio cameras, producing very naturally-colored images under the bright incandescent ambient lighting conditions that previously caused severe problems.

Jump to Comparometer tm to compare with other cameras. In the interest of providing a truly universal “presentation machine” though, Casio has provided a grouping option in the ‘, whereby images uploaded from a computer can be re-grouped so oamera camera can recognize them as a movie. When the “macro” mode cssio enabled, the optical configuration is changed to allow focusing as close as four inches 10cm.

The problem seems dijita, involve the balance between room light, light from the flash, and the assumptions the camera’s white-balance circuitry makes about the light source. The white-balance circuitry however, sees that the flash is being used, and adjusts the color balance as if dijitall scene was lit only by the flash. Other innovative functions retained from earlier models include in-camera panorama stitching, and the ability to capture high-contrast images and apply them to other shots as titles.