The innovation developed under this topic will then be taken from the theoretical science developed and be applied to practical applications involving Army and industry data. Recently has emerged covalent organic frameworks COFs as a new type of nanoporous materials involving crystalline porous polymers wherein extended predesigned structures are facilitated by the linking of molecular building blocks by strong covalent bonds. AM is a disruptive technology expanding the design space for RF engineers. AM substrates printed from polymer based filaments will melt at these temperatures making these methods not viable for AM antennas or other RF components. Light aircraft are early targets for the efficiency and safety benefits touted for electric propulsion.

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The purpose of this solicitation is to close this technology gap to enable more efficient use of available spectrum for affected cdna in 1 — 6 GHz bands or higher frequency bands up to and including mm-wave bands by developing innovative prototype designs leading to mature, operationally-relevant tactical communication systems capable of same frequency full duplex functionality.

dblp: Guillaume Gelle

The Ccma, Prognostics, and Readiness algorithms and models have not fully produced the expected benefits for useful data for application. Phase I will identify material considerations, the design methodologies and modeling cdmaa simulation tools for constructing the COFs based nanoporous structures. Potential commercial avenues include carbon sequestration and novel chemical synthesis. Provide a detailed technical and commercialization plan demonstrating a credible path toward a commercial product.

The energy system must be capable of being gun hardened and have a minimum shelf life of 20 years. Proximity Fuze technology has the added capability of enhanced lethality over standard point detonating devices.

The primary application is emplaced munitions which may have to satisfy the shock survivability requirement, such as gun launch and must be capable of withstanding launch accelerations ofGs and preferably higher during cdms.


Investigate and determine the design characteristics of the solution that meets the requirements. Develop documentation for a proposal for the solution for phase 2 consideration.

Such vehicles provide invaluable intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance directly to the warfighter.

Lidar Odometry and Mapping in Cdmaa Robotics: Depending on the approaches taken, the models and simulations generated by this effort have the potential to meet the needs of this market. This approach has not been applied to video data stream in Near Real-Time.

Innovations are sought to reduce the negative effects of occupant shoulder and head pitchout during a crash. Background and perspectives,” Materials Research Society Bulletin, vol.

Determine minimum and maximum attainable FPA resolution in a given process fabrication technology.

Dielectric constants of commercial materials limits current antenna designs. The DoD rotorcraft community has been investigating solutions to many of these issues through development of more durable technologies and repair techniques, but as yet has not been able to field photonics due to the risks involved.

DoD 2018.1 SBIR Solicitation

Military logistics represents a large and obvious future market to which this topic is targeted. Preliminary qualification and production test plans should developed to prove how the final deliverable would be tested to validate specifications were met in a production environment.

As the program advanced to phase II and phase III, information about levels of protection and methodologies that result from the phase I effort will likely become sensitive information. Review the results from the Phase I feasibility study.

The solution should use commercially supported standards. From the market research, steps should be taken to develop initial performance requirements.

Proof of concept application will be used with multiple data sources from the Army, or similar industry. Such a GPS-independent local coordinate referencing system can then be used by fixed and mobile platforms as well as soldier handheld devices, for guidance cdmma control of smart and guided projectiles, for target designation, and for other applications in which GPS is currently used.


The system must be able to operate without human intervention for more than 10 flight-return-recharge cycles. COFs can serve as building blocks for making predesigned, robust materials in an unprecedented way that could bjg exploited for various applications, including ion exchange, catalysis, sensor applications, biological molecular isolation and purification, gas storage and separation.

There is no built-in fuel generation in current design; consequently, the typical operation duration for a single mission is limited to about 20 to 30 minutes. Phase I will identify material considerations, the design cdka and modeling and simulation tools for constructing the hierarchical structures. The commercialization pathway would be collaborating with government or commercial end users to develop and fabricate a full ROIC design; construct a camera test bench and characterize and evaluate the full system.

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Such solutions may also be extensible to wearable EMI and EMP shields for protection of military personnel and weapon platforms. Instrumentation and Measurement 52 3: SAE Technical Paper, It 1d not clear that techniques for plasma coatings can successfully translate to material production, which is the focus of this effort. This can lead to unsafe operation because of resonant modes in the shaft and blades of the turbocharger.