That said, it’s easy to find ways to unlock the phone on the web. The phone supports common call features such as call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting and it has a full duplex speaker phone that’s adequate but not stellar despite the two speakers. Your device is designed to use only manufacturer-specified original batteries and accessories. The uses more or less the same type of miserable little telescoping extend-o-stylus as the did. Important Safety Precautions When using this product, the safety precautions below must be taken to offset possible legal liabilities and damages.

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The Cingular has Bluetooth 1. To edit text In a program, draw a line across the text you want to edit. Installing The Sim Card 1.

EDGE performance was excellent on Cingular’s network. The EDGE data service for the device fingular similarly to the Cingular running on the same network. The ‘s front face sports a gloss dark silver finish that’s accented with light silver.

Cingular 8125 User Manual

Captures video clips, with or without accompanying audio. Before you can create and configure a new modem using a connection, you must install the required driver on the PC.

Lets you remove a ZIP moodem. Don’t get your hope up for great NES emulator performance, but most any other Windows Mobile 5 compatible game should run fine despite the MHz processor. Page If Auto configuration is unsuccessful or you have an account you access using a VPN server connection, contact your ISP or network administrator for the following information and enter it manually: Sample images have been resized and recompressed for upload.


Phone battery life, on the other hand, is excellent, with more than 15 hours of talk time.

Change the character recognition mode. Pc Requirement To Run Activesync 4. Discuss this product Reviewed Feb.

Cingular Pocket PC Phone Review

This, however, can be remedied with a piece of freeware whipped up by some dedicated coders from the enthusiast website XDA-Developers. Photos are resized to fit this page but are otherwise unedited. The phone does a great job with games thanks to its large and responsive d-pad. Page Problem ActiveSync is connected, but I can not transfer data.

When completed, a voice tag icon right of the item. Personally, I find it to be one of the better compromises available between maintaining a relatively small device, and providing the largest possible keyboard.

Bluetooth, in contrast, just works. While it would have been nice to see some slightly flashier upgrades for the price, such as more memory, or an improved screen, the delivers in two critical areas—wireless performance and speed.

Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

File Type Image Video You can view the pictures as a slide show, bean them, send them via e-mail, edit them, or set them as the background on morem Today screen. When you turn on your device again, Bluetooth automatically turns on.


Using Letter Recognizer 2. We’ve come a long way in a year: When using the included earbud headset, call clarity was also excellent and volume could get downright deafening that’s what that volume slider is for.

Cingular Review

Page 52 To set up a conference call Either put a call on hold, and dial a second number; or, accept a second incoming call when you already have one in progress. Other than selecting the Media information type in ActiveSync to be synchronized, all media synchronization settings must be set in Windows Media do the following A normal or soft reset of your device clears all active program memory and shuts down all active programs.

Page 41 If you are recording in an open note, an icon will appear in the note. Segan is also a multiple award-winning travel writer, having contributed to the Frommer’s series of travel guides and Web sites for more than a decade.

Unlike the Verizon XVthe unit doesn’t automatically wake up when you open the keyboard so you’ll need to press the power button if it’s off.