I like the casing though. This was far too late in coming out. The lens is located on the back of the handheld, with the capture and a lens cover button on the side. For most games, the T3 button layout was a step backwards, especially for game that could not remap. The TH55 is going to have to compete against other handhelds with Wi-Fi, and it is priced very well to do so. Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden. This is a type that looks very good indoors but is still usable outdoors.

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Design The TH55 seems designed to be a upper clir handheld with a well rounded feature set best put to use for productivity. One Palm to rule them all!

Sony CLIÉ PEG-TH55 – Wikipedia

I do not like the flip cover. Instead companies like Sony slowly ‘dole out’ features like this and we are supposed to be excited like they’ve clue invented the damned wheel or something.

The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions cloe intended. Drag-n-drop photos and text fields into your notes. And the ‘Sony handheld Engine’ is as yet unproven. Landscape support is essential for me as I use them for reading books and surfing WebPro.


Sony CLIE PEG-TH55 review: Sony CLIE PEG-TH55 – CNET

The left side of the TH55 is almost crowded with buttons. Pressing the back button selects a tab, scrolling with the jog dial moves between tabs. The PIM is interesting Yours will be in the landfill dump. In addition the MS card cover seems like it may be a bit flimsy imo TrialNetfront, Vindigo Trial. I always game with two hands vlie the d-pad, and this is perfect for me. Cie hope some company create replacement leather covers that can be folded.

Nice to see th5 taking your lithium again, Mike. The sample flash files that came on the install CD run nicely, but they’re all very small. In my testing, I’ve found that the audio quality through the headphones with the TH55 is plenty loud and pretty decent compared to other portable MP3 players.


Since Sony pioneered the by pixel screen almost two years ago, people have been asking the company to put one in a handheld with a tablet shape. Sony would not have put all that work into the processor if there was no advantage in battery life.

With power save offI found browsing standard web pages much better. At minimal settings, one minute of video takes less than a megabyte. The status panel has three lights. Best Sony Clie of them all.


PalmReader and TealDoc are among those, and they both look very nice in landscape mode. Camera’s are bad on a business pda.

Sony Clie TH55 Review

I can see why you’re a happy camper with it. To sum it up I never had a gadget this solid, reliable and extremely functional. I have found a few exceptions though.

Below are two unedited sample images taken with the TH This didn’t happen when power save was off. Of course, it allows you to zoom in on them until they are readable. I use alarms, have data automatically backed up to the card, look at pictures and videos, write in Docs to Go, use the PIM functions, sync daily and use the PC Link to transfer data to and from the MS, etc.

Nice job th5 the review Kezza, and it’s nice to see you back! I find that the dpad on the Treo is great for games. I missed that one in the article.