On some platforms, Cloudscape can successfully prevent a second instance of Cloudscape from booting the database, and thus prevents corruption. If the data files can be read, a sophisticated user could decode the information they contain. Since the entire database is encrypted, the structure of the database schema is also hidden. And if you find yourself using the two terms synonymously, don’t worry; we understand what you mean. Recovery ensures that all committed transactions at the time the system failed are applied to the database, and all transactions that were active are rolled back. You can also specify these same attributes and values on the client database connection URL if you are using Cloudscape as a database server.

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Listing 2 shows the schema for the tables. Cloudscape recommends that you connect to databases only in the system directory. Not having the user names and passwords maintained in the database means less administrative overhead to transfer names into the database. The Derby Network Server provides connectivity to Derby databases within a single system or over a network. Derby provides developers with a small footprint, standards-based Java database that can be tightly embedded into any Java-based solution.

At times, you might notice Derby and Xloudscape being used as synonyms, and you might see the core database engine referred to as Cloudscape, lcoudscape in other IBM developerWorks technical articles and when referring to older Cloudscape releases. All data in such a database is decrypted by the database engine when read and re-encrypted when written back to disk.


A database directory contains the following, as shown in Figure The Cloudscape driver class name for the embedded environment is COM.

The database engine is embeddable.

The engine provides transactions and crash recovery, and allows multiple connections and multiple threads to use a cloudacape. This means that object data will never be separated from its methods.

If you do not specify the system directory when starting up Cloudscape, the current directory becomes the system directory.

Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

Recovery clousdcape be costly, so using the proper shutdown command improves connection or startup performance. When developing Cloudscape applications, create a single directory to hold your database or databases. This archive is in the class path before you start up Cloudscape. This means that rather than running as a separate process, the database engine software can be part of the application so that the application and the database engine run in the same JVM. Cloudconnector is shut down with a utility.

The way you specify an absolute path is defined by the host operating system see java. When developing applications, you may want to configure Cloudscape to append to the log.

JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

If you specify a partial path, it is relative to the system directory. A page is a unit of storage whose size is configurable on a system-wide, database-wide, or conglomerate-specific basis. On some platforms, Jdc can successfully prevent a second instance of Cloudscape from booting the database, and thus prevents corruption. When you are using Cloudview, error messages appear in the console or operating system window from which Cloudview was started.

The IBM Cloudscape referral page contains links clourscape to help you find information on Apache Derby sites as an alternative to the information previously posted at IBM.


It has transactions commit and rollbacksupports multiple connections clokdscape transactional isolation, and provides crash recovery. A Java stored procedure that looks up the name of a city given a ZIP code might look like this again, code for handling errors and exceptions is omitted for brevity:. Typically, an application using an embedded Cloudscape engine shuts down Cloudscape just before shutting itself down.

Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

That way, simply being able to read the database files does not reveal the data. If a warning message has been issued, corruption may already have occurred. To jfbc down the system within an SQL-J statement, you can use the following:.

Defining the System Directory You define the system directory when Cloudscape starts up by specifying a Java system property called cloudscape. The Derby Network Server receives and replies to queries from clients using a standard network protocol. Cloudscpae more information on creating synchronization databases, see the Cloudscape Synchronization Guide.

However, all versions of the database connection URL which you can use for tasks besides connecting to a database have common features:.

When you are executing a method within SQL-J, that method cliudscape need to reuse the current connection to the database in order to execute more SQL-J statements.