When Used With Windows Installing the Printer Driver When Used With Windows The installation procedure for the Windows printer driver differs depending on how this machine is connected to the computer and depending on which printer driver is used. Paper Tray Various Settings Touch the button for the desired setting. Various Settings Hole-Punch You can specify the hole punching settings. Note For details on capturing a print job, consult a service technician. Setting Up the PostScript Driver Windows To change the border line and printing order settings, click the [Com- bination Details] button, and then change the settings in the dialog box that appears.

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Setting Up the PostScript Driver Windows Specifying User Authentication Settings If user authentication settings have been specified on this machine, you must enter a user name and password. Page Various Settings The buttons for the available printee appear.

Custom Page Size Name: Compatible Computers and Operating Systems Check that the computer being connected meets the following conditions.

Settings Tab Setting Up the PostScript Driver Windows Settings Tab Item Function Displays message when Displays a message when you want to perform a function that can- a prohibited action oc- not be set when the printer driver is being used.

Install To install hardware, operating systems, applications, printer drivers on to a computer Web Browser Software such as Internet Explorer cm520 Netscape Navigator for view- ing Web pages.


Network Information Displays the network information. Page 52 Installing the Printer Driver Uninstalling the Printer Driver If it becomes necessary to delete the printer driver, for example, when you want to reinstall the printer driver, follow the procedure below to delete the driver. Our accessories include toners, imaging units, developers and copier parts such as f Attaches a back cover page.

Various Settings Typeface You can specify the font to use when no setting has been specified from the printer driver. Prints multiple copies in sets. Various Printing Methods Stapling and Hole Punching Documents can be stapled together or holes can be punched into the docu- ment. Close the Chooser window. Appendix Term Definition Protocol The rules that allow computers to communicate with other comput- ers or peripheral devices Property Attribute information When using a printer driver, various functions can be specified in the file properties.

Specifies the number of copies to print. Per Page Setting You can specify the print type and input tray for each page. Symbol Set Select the symbol set. Select the option, and then specify the installation status from the drop-down list below.

Page 75 – For NetWare 4.

Minute Enter the minutes. New Product New Product Form data Various Settings Network Tab On the Network tab, information and settings concerning the network con- nection are displayed. Frame Type Select the frame type. Item is located in the BLUE building, booth You can print various configuration information, the demo pages, and the PCL font information.


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You can check jobs that are being printed or that are queued to be printed. Print jobs are specified from the application soft- ware. From the job list, select the job whose sample copy is to be printed, se- lect [Proof Print], and then touch [OK]. Page Troubleshooting 25C Reminder When logged on to Administrator mode, the control panel of this machine is locked and cannot be used.

Item Description Font Name Select the font. Paper Size Media Type Paper In addition, problems can occur when the cache function is used. Original Direction Various Settings Press the [C] clear key prijter erase the value, and then use the keypad to type in the default number of copies between 1 and sets.

Specify the print server name created in step 4.

Page Various Settings Note The job number that was assigned when the job was queued in this ma- chine appears as the job number.