I tried to light the CFL but it just drained the voltage and wouldn’t light. I think you should use the 6 pin transformer instead of the 5 pin for your standard circuits since it seems to provide better performance. I took apart 5 Fuji circuit boards last night and so far and all of the transformers with the low turn heavy wire primary have 6 pins but only 5 of the posts have wires hooked up to them, so far the 6th pin only appears to be there as a locator pin. Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires! Switch connection 1 8. Soldered 2 wires in parallel to resistor and hooked up to breadboard.

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Fuji Circuit Joule Thief CFL Light | Cell Phone Batteries

So far all the tests on the CFL barebone for time length end up with something like a night light as far as brightness using this circuit, I’m working my way up to the rest of the Fuji circuit next. If you mess with the tuning and ground the neon by touching it’s second lead or connecting it to house ground it the CFL gets brighter but causes a voltage drop on the battery. Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.


I’m going to add the capacitors on a separate duplicate board so that I can use the 3 socket to test different transistors on the original board. Maxwell Ultracaps YT Subscribe.

Fuji circuit aa light bulb | running a cfl lightbulb from fu… | Flickr

Cffl 06, Amazon Deals Amazon Warehouse Deals! March 04, Statistic Support Search Help F. Goat Hero Member Posts: Ouput capacitor Negative lead Note, the dot on the transformer was on pin 4 so I reversed the connections to pin 4 to collector and pin 1 to the positive. Neon lead 1 I just got the touch! Very easy to get free digital money!

clmpleted Diode positive Anode If a user is unwilling to accept the GDPR, he should email us and request circujt erase his account. I placed a small DC motor in parallel with the circuit and it would run after adjusting the capacitor and resistance but then the voltage started going up past 0. Logged Goat Hero Member Posts: Added V electrolytic cap that came with Fuji camera across input positive and negative wires, brightness increased and less voltage drop.

Hooked up analog at battery to monitor voltage drain for now, voltage drop or high amperage intake same thing to me 2. Check this out and join BitTube.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Battery Positive solder connection 6. I was using the Fuji 6 pin transformer when I did the barebone test circuit posted above but as you can see all of these transformers have 6 pins but only 5 have wires hooked up to them.


I will try and build another circuit with all the components that are on a Fuji circuit to further test this but I don’t see many components coming into play as the switch used for the flash isn’t closed and therefore excludes some of the components.

I only have to do this with a few of them. I always buy my gadgets ciircuit these great Warehouse deals!

Fuji Circuit Joule Thief Cfl Driver Free Mp3 Download

Transformer Pin 1 March 09, LOL Now for the next steps Great new video from Peter Lindemann Navigation. Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires! I am only using conpleted Fuji transformers and not any others right curcuit as it is the only one that has the low turn heavy wire primary while Kodak and all the others don’t, I’m trying to replicate the low amp input and 12 hour CFL duration that Gadgetmall posted.

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