Improved ConnectionString handling so that it better matches the standard set by SqlClient. In accordance with the JDBC specification, it only returns true if ‘closed ‘ has been called on the connection. If you are using the debug version of the driver DLL, it can also relatively slow down the query processing time. IN parameters are defined with the parameter name and the object containing the value, OUT parameters are defined with the parameter name and the datatype that is expected to be returned. That character set is then used for conversions if that code page can be loaded. A data source is a place where data comes from.

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If the ODBC data source that you selected requires you to log on, enter your login ID and password additional information might also be requiredand then click OK. Inefficient detection of pre-existing string instances in ResultSet. domposite

You can send this to ftp: Prepare the callable statement by using Connection. This method is not currently supported because stored procedures are not available in MySql. Each of these objects will be described in the upcoming sections. Also, inferred type if value of null parameter is changed using Value property. If you are using Accessyou should get and install the newest version 2.


Fixed Bug ByteFX. In the Description box, enter the description needed for the DSN.

Once a Connection is established, it can be used to create Statement and PreparedStatement objects, as well as retrieve metadata about the database. The Driver trace and query logs are enabled.

If set to falseremoves two syscalls per query.

ODBC Connection Issues Using Bit Windows

Failover only happens at connection initialization, and failback occurs when the driver determines that the first host has become available again.

This class is created whenever the MySql Data Provider encounters an error generated from the server.

If the statement odbf within scope of a transaction, then locks are released when the transaction completes which implies that the statement needs to complete first. Bug Integer “out” parameter from stored procedure returned as string [fixed]. The driver will then delay loading the actual Blob data until you retrieve the Blob orbc call retrieval methods getInputStreamgetBytesand so forth on it. Make auto-deserialization of java. Gets the value of the specified column as a byte.

Download Connector/ODBC

Try to handle OutOfMemoryErrors more gracefully. Fixed problem where setting command text leaves the command in a prepared state.


For example, if your odbc. Then use the following commands to build and install the release version:. When multiple client applications are written in different languages or work on different platforms, but need to perform the same database operations. Helper class that makes it easier to work with the provider. The following instructions are based on the instructions for Tomcat Assume the following query:.

Non-negative number required [fixed]. The Debug version of the driver is used.

NET thread pool had no available worker threads. Failing to connect to the server when one of the addresses for the given host name is IPV6 odbv the server does not yet bind on. The MySQL library must be configured with the –enable-thread-safe-client option. Xwhere X. Ensure that warnings are cleared before executing queries on prepared statements, as-per JDBC spec now that we support warnings. If necessary, the driver modifies an application’s request so that the request conforms to syntax supported by the MySQL.

To install the driver from a tarball distribution.