You can change detail settings of ComproDTV 4 here. Sometimes plugging in another USB port may help. Channel Naming You can customize the channel names by double-click on the CH Name field of the channel you wish to rename. TV is not clear: Select your choice here or use default channel table to do the scanning.

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Compro VideoMate UF | TechRadar

And exit the list by yourselves to makes channel switch more convenient. Most problems may be solved on the updates. Please double-click on slave window to switch program with main window in order to do so. When contacting Compro for technical support, please use the Compro support request form and provide as much of the requested information as possible.

To enable the full screen mode of live the TV window. Try to move the computer to a TV set and connect the cable which is being used for the TV set. Double-click on the slave window can switch the TV program to the main window.

Then you can use the Vista Ggadget Tool. The process showed as below: Or watch 1 live analog TV show and playback recorded video file at once. When main window changes the channel to another frequency, slave window s will move to available programs of another frequency.


Main window has all features while slave window has limited functions only. You may also press the Advance for commercial skip and Replay for instant replay buttons on the control panel or remote control to navigate through the program.

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No MPEG 4 format for recording: The last mode is schedule view which has two different parts. Close ComproDTV 4 and even shutdown the computer with the full function remote control keypad.

You can see the screen capture dialog as below. There are many useful options for your convenience. And also setup the picture compress quality in jpg file.

Compro VideoMate Vista U2800F/U890F TV Box Driver

To channel scan all the available channels. Windows XP SP2 or above installed. Thus, vieeomate can go out without worry about the record still ongoing.

Pop Menu Click the right mouse button on the gadget window; it will open the pop menu for selection.

Please note that not all options are available at all times, and may be grayed out or u8200f depending on your hardware setup and TV services available. When Starting PIP mode, there will be two option for you to choose; 1.


Please go to our website for the latest software update. Double-click on the speaker icon in the system tray. It will stop recording when it comes full.

This section provides basic information for ComproFM. After you are finished scanning for available channels, you may select OK to return to the display window, or customize the channel orders according to your preferences.

The slave window will show black if there is no additional program on this frequency. The product specification ivdeomate very without further notice.

TV is not clear: Dock and Undock Gadget Window: The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Import and Export current channel list If you have edited the channel name, fine tune channel, or customize channel settings.