RS Over Cat-5 Networks: RS communication is a very cost effective way to handle communications at rates from a few hundred characters per second cps to rates in excess of , cps. Will you advise me where I possibly could search for it if i want to proceed with this set up routine manually? Wed Jun 20, 2: Cps rs usb bridge for ups you have any questions regarding your driver installation? The TB is a general purpose RS signal driver that can be used for a variety of RS synchronous or asynchronous applications.

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It can be used as a stand alone unit connected directly to the RS port of a terminal, PC, modem, or mux. If you have connected a USB to Serial cable to one of the USB ports on your computer and your application opens that serial port, your application has no idea, and cpss doesn’t care, whether the serial port is located on the motherboard or connected to a Serial to USB cable.

USB & RS Connections

Windows applications normally do not communicate directly with any hardware, but rather to software drivers. The cost to designer to add RS communications to these devices is just pennies. Sign in to vote. In summary, your application is looking for a serial port. Select all journalctl -f then wait a few seconds, and plugin the device, wait again ten seconds or so, until no new output appears.

We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product’s performance or reliability.


Usually, when a device driver becomes corrupted, broken, or disabled, your operating system will give you a specific code to inform you of what went wrong. I have researched this specific device and there are apparently problems with how it works on WIndows 8.

CyberPower reserves the right to cancel this Agreement or the Program, or modify price and co-op fund schedules at any time, and for any hsb, on prior written notification to Participant. The site doesn’t seem to be working. Session closed for root May 18 However, by using a device driver software suite like Driver Genius, you can perform these updates cps rs usb bridge for ups.

For further troubleshooting, please post back the image for descript more detailed about your issue. Neither of these ports serial or parallel are obsolete, just the method of connecting these devices to your PC has changed. Depending on the nature of the device, outdated, corrupted, or even broken device drivers can have some seriously consequences. However, you should never use cps brudge usb bridge for ups.

The purpose of this page is to provide a better understanding of USB and serial ports, and to dispel some myths about serial communications and the rumored demise of the serial ports. If you are submitting a technical support ticket, please check the Date or Purchase. View our Privacy Policy.

No AC power required. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. The drivers within Windows take care of how the communication actually occurs.


[Nut-upsuser] trouble with Cyber Power System CPS RS232 USB BRIDGE for UPS

Information provided will be used for CyberPower’s internal use only. About You First Name: RS communication is a very cost effective way to handle communications at rates from a few hundred characters per second cps to rates in excess ofcps.

This is a convenient low cost sharing unit with two female DB terminal connectors and one male DTE connector. CyberPower provides opportunities to each participating value added reseller Participant.

Note that not all of the following products support all of the RS signals. Racks and Rack Accessories. This was done because it has a built-in cable and is more convenient to plug this cable directly into a USB port on your computer.


From the research I have done this should create a Com Port in my “Device Manager” so that programs es232 then able to use it. Click the X to close this window. The converted signal can be used by another device with a compatible interface or the products can be used in pairs, as Short Haul Modems to operate over longer distances.

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