How do I set the Sink Configuration tool in order to set some pio port as a spi communication interface? Can you explain a bit more how you have done the DFU upload. Tune but wants to open a new question, so my question again: I am using CSR chip. I want to see if this can be used with BlueLabs for Bluetooth development or not I am a complete beginner with Bluetooth and BlueLabs right now.

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It’s used for wired reprogramming, but more importantly, Debricking, of CSR modules. It is possible to post a fulldump of the psr from the BC3? I took quick look and all seems fine for now.

Anonymous November 30, at 9: Identifying a bluetooth development device Ask Question. cst

CSR USB-SPI programmer

Firmware upgrade is specific to BC3. I have tried it. Are you sure that you are working with a module which has BC3-MM chip? Thanks Jernej, yes I saw that.


Unknown March 16, at 8: Then you should see a new device under device manager. But I have no hint how to modify the checksum at bottom position for file to pass DFUwizard corruption check.

As you say is very hard to find the BC3 module nowaday.

Sign up using Facebook. I didn’t do pull this pin out in my PCB design.

You actually won’t see 1MHz value, but some transformed value, which is described in my other post. Anonymous July 9, at 3: Besides, I don’t see an antenna. How did you connect these two lines? Csf, the bc05mm stack is replaced by a bc03 stack in the dfu file. Mine is 16MHz, but your psr dump suggests 4MHz.

Hello, I work with a HC Module.

Anonymous June 4, at 6: Would the full bluetooth system with DSP be used as a chip in only a connector? Anonymous May 29, at Tune June 8, at 6: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Jernej’s blog: USB programmer for CSR Bluetooth chips

Unfortunatly I don’t have any computer with parallel port or 2 USB programmers at the moment. If you used linear regulator, voltage should be ok. But I only got the message that the device ID could not be read. Dear Jernej, very cool project. Clnverter have make programmer using Converetr module from Modulestek. The typical China manufacturers will deliver only when ordering a large amount of modules. So far so good. What speed is it?

I did a slightly faster unrolled SPI bitbang loop and it failed to work. I also tried a module with a BC05MM without success.