Activation requires you reply to an email we will send you after you register Every year at the LSAF I’m able to compare the sound of single drivers to the sound of two-ways, and I always prefer the two-ways. Since both use paper cones there will be similarities in the overall sound. I bet they sound rich and lively. The supertweeter works without mucking up the full range driver sound. Fred, for you, you can do this to each side.

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Today I’ll pull the drivers and get it all soldered scs mounted up proper. Each driver is optimized for the best performance at it’s price point. Jim, if you care to comment I would be interested in how some of your more recent designs using Mark Audio drivers compare to this one.

Now I’ve got it on the top as well. Over the past year or so, Mark and I spent time talking about the need for a smaller “classic” paper cone driver with extended frequency range. Sorry tube guys, you can’t have everything in one speaker. Every other full range driver needs a compensation network to correct for the loss. I’m glad that worked out for you.


Best Sounding Single Drivers

Thanks Danny for sharing this. I like what you did and in fact I’m planning on trying out the planar tweeter I’m trying a later planar version–the Hi Vi RT1. Logged versus rider Jr. Adding a rear-firing supertweeter improves the spectral balance of the reverberant energy.

So you could still technically call it a 1. And there is a surprising range of music that play well on them.

However, these are not high sensitivity speakers and they need the conrol of a medium power amplifer to manage the bass. I tried it and prefererred the sound with the rear woofer un-notched.

I’m listening now to the speakers wired in series with the 68uF cap across the second drivers. Some of them have stayed in Canada. Logged rajacat Full Member Posts: That simple cap trick solves the whole problem. Add a second woofer and bypass the lower woofer with a cap value cxs is between 47uF and 75uF.

Introducing The new CSS EL70 – Home Theater Forum and Systems –

Do you have full TS Parameters yet? The manufacturing track record evident in all Mark Audio productions also means the driver to driver consistancy will be higher with the EL These are a whole nuther animal now. Logged Duke Industry Contributor Posts: Here’s a picture of one speaker after final cosmetic finishing, with the baffle painted.


I threw an under handed pitch at them by playing the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions first. It makes a huge wl70 People are pissing in the pristine pool of single driver speakers under false pretenses.

Soon after I regretted selling them and finally built another pair late last year, but after listening to line arrays with Fountek ribbons and a 2. I’ve just completed the best sounding single driver speakers I’ve ever built.

Options Disable smilies in text Quote message in reply? Henkjan Desktop TL More to come. JLM on 15 Nov Regardless of how you want to think of it, the configuration does work very well.

Once in a while you make a little change and it pays off big time. The technology employed in forming the EL70 cone is new and bodes well for further cone development.