Finally, the last barcode is of another companion book, Apache Server Commenary , which is one down from the IP Stacks number. The reason it’s not simply a numeric sequence, is because the makers of the CueCat didn’t want their toy to be used for reasons other than its intended purposes. First, let’s review how HTML forms work. Most variants of the base scheme tend to use regular sequences for their translate tables. BB code is On.

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The changes in the codes in positions 62 and 63 reflect obvious corrections to fix problems with HTML transmission. The following table shows the correspondence between the ISBN numbers and the scan codes in the third column:.

CueCat with HIDBP vs. generic USB interface

It isn’t working with my linux Slackware The fourth barcode is particularly interesting in that it is the BookLan scan of a sister book in the Coriolis series, Linux Core Kernel Commendary — interesting because the ISBN codes are exactly one digit apart.

A userspace utility is also provided to test a CueCat without patching the kernel, and plans to make a cheap serial pod for the CueCat are included as well. The trailing null is an artifact of the program that signifies that the “extra” data at the end of the barcode consisted of nulls, and therefore is of no consequence.

Some strings for the number ‘8’ weren’t decoding properly due to the order of the string lernel in the script. So they implemented a weak “string substitution” style of encryption.


Cuecat Barcode Reader – Linux StepByStep

Go to your local Radio Shack, walk up to a clerk, and simply say “Hi! To preserve the variety of software out there for the CueCat, I’ve started distributing it on this page. So here is the source of a C-language filter that implements all the stuff above.

The second and third fields change; the second field is a fixed-length field, while the third field varies. I bought a CueCat and when I went to register the cat, it says the company is out of business.

You can download it in cuect “Software” section of this page.

Barcode Perl Module

Now it’s time to do some more experimentation. As we see additional samples of barcode wands, we may or may not be able to justify this speculation. If you have developed a piece of software that you would like to be mirrored here, or if you want me to link to your CueCat project page, please feel free to contact me. The keyboard codes generate keystrokes that correspond to cuwcat characters.

I got so fed up with this industry that I felt the urge to change cuefat path while I still could. This is the part of the output that identifies which type it is. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

We’ll take the bits of the expected data and group them into six bits, the standard for base conversion. Visit ketnel following links: The plus sign is problematical, because an unadorned plus sign is supposed to be interpreted as a space code Any commercial use of the information of this paper requires that appropriate publishing rights be kerne, from the author. When we subtract out the desired value of the character ‘0’, orwe get a delta pattern of or the ASCII character ‘C’.


CueCat Output Decode and Decipherment

Let’s reverse the capital and lower-case letters and try again. There have been claims that some people have gone to extreme lengths to determine the output scheme for the Digital Convergence CueCat.

As a result, I try to spend as much quality time away from computers as I can these days. And we have a match. The idea of the product isn’t a bad one. The barcodes are unique to the CueCat, being a non-standard configuration of Code symbology, so in theory no other duecat on the planet can read the damn things, let alone cuecwt sense of them.

Scanning several dozen different barcodes with human-readable values, including proprietary cues, shows that the code developed to the guidelines described here works fine. Linux – Kernel This forum is for all discussion relating to the Linux kernel. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.