Then, we just add the new variable to the values array in the correct position. Please make sure you’re connected to the correct schema where you created the tables. If missing, review the section on Install Using GitHub. Download the 18, 12, or If you have both Python 2 and 3 installed, make sure you are using the correct python and pip or python3 and pip3 executables.

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Substitute your username, password and connection string ofacle the code. The pip module is builtin to Python from version 2. Installation instructions are at Oracle Linux for Python Developers. Google anything that looks like an error. Additional resources at the end. It’s easy enough to test this.

cx_Oracle 7 Installation — cx_Oracle documentation

Setup If you’d like to follow along with the examples, you’ll need to create the following objects in a database schema that is safe to experiment in. If a pre-compiled binary is not available, the source will be downloaded, compiled, and the resulting binary installed.

Using Python to call a function in the database and get the return value, I’ll use the cursor. The Oracle libraries must be either bit or bit, matching your Python architecture. Set iracle environment variable PATH to include the path that you created in step 2. At that point, you can handle it as you would when any other error is thrown in your Python application.


Run the Python script, for example:. Install the downloaded RPM with sudo or as the root user.

cx_Oracle | Read the Docs

Instead use Homebrew or Python. Use the venv module builtin to Python pythoj. Over a million developers have joined DZone. This will download and install a pre-compiled binary if one is available for your architecture. Beginners Orale to Redis. Out parameters can be very handy when you need to pass back more than one piece of information. If missing, review the section on Install Using GitHub. If you run into installation trouble, check out the section on Troubleshooting.

Pyton the connection object. Python is an excellent language for most things you want your application to do, but when you’re processing data, it just goes faster if you do the work where the data is.

Try to install using a different method. Each Instant Client version requires a different redistributable version: Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices. On Windows, check that the correct Windows Redistributables have been installed.


Now that I’m accepting outside argument values, the odds that I’ll eventually get errors with the above code is almost a certainty. The second argument of the callfunc method is used to define the type of the data being returned. Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own.

Execute PL/SQL Calls With Python and cx_Oracle

The source package can be downloaded manually from PyPI and extracted, after which the following commands should be run:. Out Parameters Out parameters can orscle very handy when you need to pass back more than one piece of information. On Windows, restart your command prompt and use set PATH to check the environment variable has the correct Oracle Client listed before any other Oracle directories.

Unzip the package into a single directory that is accessible to your application. Use option -v with pip. If you intend to co-locate optional Oracle configuration files such as tnsnames.