In the Pentium Pro, instructions are further executed out-of-order and results are only committed as the execution of a group of instructions are complete with branch predictions correctly made. An enhanced process implementation dynamically re-loads VSP and host granules to achieve the best load balancing option, and utilizes a handle scheme and synchronization semaphores. The checksum should have a non-zero seed value. Furthermore, handoff transactions between granules occur within the thread and do not represent any call overhead to the OS. If the subsequent reads are from linear addresses, the address is predicted and the data is valid in time to perform a 0-wait-state read.

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VSP MIPs loading for each load balancing option is suitably pre-determined and kept in option look-up table. Stops all DirectSound processing and saves the objects context to memory specified by a pointer provided by the HAL. During the initialization of a VSP object, the buffer type determines whether an In buffer or ;ci buffer or both is initialized.

As the DSP is processing the stream, when the current play position becomes greater than or equal to the event position, an event message containing the event is sent to the host. Since device emulation code is mutually exclusive or non-concurrent with the execution of application or operating system code, host emulation forces downward scaling of all other active applications or functions.

Each VSP object contains information specific to that object. The stereo codec is controlled by either the host or the VSP. Also, high-end desk top computers called workstations based on a number of superscalar and other very-high-performance microprocessors such as the SuperSPARC microprocessor have been introduced.


The mixer processes this list to mix each audio out buffer into the SC Xmt buffer. Moreover, in the proposed USP architecture, the data passing over PCI is compressed and not wureless inefficiently decompressed by host processing.

Adapher address is expressed as either a C5x word address or as a byte address depending on the value of bit 8 of PCI macro control register. For this reason, Audio Out ping and pong buffer sizes are greater than or equal to the SC Xmt ping or pong buffer size.

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Internet games; and the “ambient Internet” opens extended family and community. For example, a kernel mode driver is an ActiveX filter doing data streaming.

The VSP can be advantageously processing data in this time interval while dovetailing or interleaving its processing with the PCI operations. The PageList contains the physical addresses of the 4 k byte pages of data to be processed. A ping pong buffer approach passes data during DMA transactions.

The VSP is situated in a place where no bottleneck is introduced because the VSP is located where the video, audio, or serial output is situated.

The intrinsic cyberstagion of flash memory is utilized in the following embodiments. A voice codec e. Byte Steering is used to pick out the correct byte in a doubleword for the VSP word-based operations.

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The process then continues through successive pages for page list processing. The application controls the flow of the data stream by calling IMediaControl interface provided by the filter graph manager. The kernel is written so that applications written in C or assembly can be executed on the platform.

The host message queue works similarly to the DSP message queue only the DSP is placing messages in the queue and the host is receiving them. The enable of the feedback path flip-flop holds the data during other accesses on the same pipe.


Since the PCI block ignores these 2 LS bits anyway, the first and last transactions on the PCI bus ignore the bytes that are not needed or a read and set the appropriate C — BE byte enable bits on a write.

DSP or host makes cyberstatkon control and operation selections and writes to the PIO control register were the codec — start bit is set to enable the stereo codec interface.

DSP or host responds to the pong valid bit and reads entire pong buffer data then clears pong valid bit. Even data which does not wirelexs sign extension can be easily manipulated in padded format with a single instruction.

Each application uses and changes the state of its own virtual machine virtual peripherals, virtual memory, etc. When modem addapter is to be allocated, reallocate Type 1 audio to host and allocate modem code to VSP for best load balancing option Level 2. PCI voice codec volume control register 0x14 enables host to control the mode and volume of the voice codec. An out-of-order address will cause another 1-WS read followed by 0-WS reads if the subsequent addresses are linear.

The modem codec and the voice codec advantageously share clocks.