Operating System Support Your name or email address: B Regulatory Compliance Supported Ddr Dimm Configurations A simple Google search yieled the link below. Your name or email address:

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Pci Configuration Space Map Bios Setup Program Menu Bar Lan Subsystem Software Your name or email address: B Regulatory Compliance So, can anyone help on how to install the VGA drivers on this mobo with Win 7 and if possible please also post the links to download the driver. Share This Page Tweet.

A simple Google search yieled the link below. Diskette Drive Controller Your name or email address: Boot Block Recovery Code Checkpoints Localized High Temperature Zones I tried searching it on Internet but didnot found much on it. Intel doesn’t support Windows 7 with this board.

Installing The Processor Fan Heatsink Connecting Power Cables Boot Device Menu Options Peripheral Selection And Configuration No, create an account now.


Overview Of Bios Features Bios Security Features Pci Interrupt Routing Map Hardware Management Subsystem optional Upper Nibble Grphics Byte Functions Meaker Graphicw Dec 22, Connecting Fans And Power Cables Port 80h Post Codes Product Certification Markings Front Panel Audio Connector Main Power Connector I was also in the page that you posted but I was looking for the drivers of Win 7.

Well I think I did wrote that I didnot got any results for my problem from google and so did you. Auxiliary Line In Connector optional Custom Splash Screen Replacing The Battery Meaker Sager Dec 22, Supported Configuration Modes