If this is the case, the media type needs to be changed from transfer to direct. E eject the print job This command HAS to work. This resets the printer. At a command prompt type: July 23, 1. To begin, use the blank white stock that came with the printer to complete this step. You can identify this by the 2 rollers on top of the print head for the ribbon.

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You need to know what printer port the printer gets connected to.

There are two properties for the Datamax Pass-Thru printer that must be set prior to use. To begin, use the blank white stock that came with the printer to complete this step.

Click on the browse button and we will find the driver.

Setup for Datamax Ticket Printers

Occasionally, a printer will print fine under Tixsales but print blank tickets with Wintix. If you are doing reports on this computer you must install the driver for your report printer before completing this next step.

Right-click the driver icon found under printers in the Windows control panel. Install the printer driver Start by clicking on the Add printer icon. Set the top offset to be —1. You can print other things on the ticket like dqtamax, boxes, circles and polygons if you can translate Wintix manual pages of EDPL.


USB printers will not respond. An explanation of the different types of bar codes available is on page 71 of the Wintix manual. You probably have the stock in backwards. Install the printer driver.

You must go through this step so the tickets will default to the ticket printer and not the report printer. My current thinking on this is that the way that the Printer Queues work on UNIX, it is doing a direct pass-through of the output from Jasper to the Datamax and because the Datamax Printer doesn’t understand the format it is simply not printing anything, whereas the laser printer can accept the input.

What format does Jasper generate for the output?

Occasionally, you will change to a new batch of tickets and the tickets will be pulled back so far into the printer that the rubber pinch rollers lose their grip of the stock. Click on the Have disk passtheu. Windows is ready to copy the files necessary for the driver. The Pass Through driver is also useful with other printers if you are using a Windows printing format.


Load the ticket stock Unlock the printhead and datmaax it so it is vertical. Press F2 until the red light flashes 1 time for the media type setting — this prints setting for the current setting number.

If one edge of the tickets is printing lightly, adjust the green thumbwheel on the right side of the printhead. Select passthru model of printer.

Click on File Page Setup Print setup. Products Solutions Datwmax Resources. In order to use these codes, you will need to install the Datamax Pass Through driver.

Bluetooth™ & wifi setup command – Datamax-O’Neil APEX Series Programmer’s Manual User Manual

It just passes the codes to the printer. The printer is back on datzmax. Why would you bother with all this complication? This must be done on each individual computer to be used for ticket printing. July 23, 1. The drivers get copied. With Datamax v 5 firmware: