This is my first purchased modem and i have a sentiment for it. So please help me in this matter, thanks. Can i transfer data aswell through different computers connected on it?? The phone line is busy. Did you download the full user manual from MP site? Follow modem settings as per Calcutta site instructions.

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I mean nothing gets saved on my modem… the problem emerged recently without any misconfiguration… I think the memory needs to be flashed or upgrade something like that.

For most BSNL modems routers, the hardbaoard is same. You have not given feedback to various suggestions made.

Refer to your modem manual. The error message shows Err Datxone those who are constantly on the go and require fast and reliable internet connectivity at all times, a portable modem is a must-have device.

Test wifi reception in ground floor. I want to know how to have a wireless connection for my laptop.

Sterlite SAM300AX Login Instructions

I did all i can. This site uses cookies. Please help me out.


Once you reset the settings, your modem will be back to bridged mode and you will be able to connect to internet using traditional way of broadband username and password.

I was sweating out for a long time trying to figure out how to configure the things, and I finally succeeded after reading this. I will be much grateful if you can bail me out of this one.

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I had portforwarded and was getting good download speed. When I try to install detecting and verify modem,it shows not verified.

I had reset the modem and unable to access the net. Check speed at speedtest. Do I require a dial-up connection?? When I tried this option, the network is getting connected and packets are being sterliye and received as well. I Need to help from You….

A modem router is a small device that enables you to datoane multiple devices to one network connection. Last 30 days Last 90 days.

It looks like this:. But when I get up in the morning to check, I see that all the lights are steady and there is no donwload strelite although the LAN connection is active.


Load from location above. Few references given below. But I need to connect VPN for my office purpose. Spawn Freak Regular Regulars.

Consider your Nokia N79 as another laptop.

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Dont forget to try out getting a free modem from bsnl by using their 8Mbps internet connection Share this: Shop for these pocketable modems online on Amazon India and enjoy great discounts.

Then connect from LAN1 Lan2 etc to different computers. This was seriously very helpful, man. Yes you are right, VCI value is