To sum up, the Inspiron m has its flaws, but those are easily out weighed by its pros. It loads up all of the applications quicker than my 3. Here are the results compared to two other systems: In fact, you can even remove the optical drive when the machine is on! The machine is all silver except for its white trimmings that add a touch of class. I find it strange how although the display is widescreen, I still get small black bars when watching some movies. Those are the dimensions of the m except for the thickness, unfortunately.

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My desktop runs a Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading at 3.

I chose the extended one so that I can consistently dlel 3. This notebook is definitely a conversation starter because of its beauty and its size. Another quick note on battery life: I am happy to report that, unlike other machines, the m has a lid clasp!

The only thing you really have to know is that a Pentium M is much more powerful than a similarly clocked Pentium 4.

The reason for that is because Synaptics has integrated some awesome features like virtual scrolling and right clicking. The machine gets a little warm where the processor is. I can also do some light photo editing in front of the TV.


Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

What do you mean? It only looks odd compared to the standard battery.

I was angry because I had been awaiting the ship date all 700mm, and Dell missed it by a few days. Dell m next to an iPod for size comparison view larger image Screen Dell Inspiron m screen view larger image The m has deol jaw-dropping Some people have mentioned that the touchpad click buttons seem sort of cheap, which may be true.

The options that are available are very clear, you can click on links for more info, and the layout is pleasing to the eye.

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

I feel that Dell has skimped a little on the overall build quality. The speed of the system will be discussed later on.

I was very surprised by its size when I first took it out of the plain old Dell box. There are a lot of other ultraportables around, but I soon found out that a lot of them made sacrifices in the performance department for a smaller case.


Personally, I never upgrade anything. Mick Murphy – Microsoft Partner. A big plus is the Secure Digital slot.

More crap than came with a Gateway my 700mm just purchased. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Included power adapter for the m view eell image. Battery test results 8-cell sdd This thread is locked. Thus, I knew I wanted something small and light. Especially durable is the bottom, which is made of a very hard plastic. How satisfied are you with this response?

The difference between the two is that the m features a When I opened my box, the case was the first thing I saw, wrapped in plastic.

Now I have no sound from the laptop speakers. There is a downside to this type of display. I really liked the Sony T, but it was very expensive and offered much weaker performance.