The PHD unit is old or damaged. Set Toner Saving Mode to Off in the printer driver. Replace the PHD unit. Dell recommends that you use Dell toner cartridges for your printer. Did you make any changes to your desktop just before you were unable to print to the printer? Check the paper type.

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Turn on the computer and the printer.

Installing The Printer Prnt 1. Click the Start button next to Color Regi Chart. Ensure the margins are set correctly in your software program. I set the port to the static IP address and have been printing without difficulty since. The history is cleared by turning off the printer.

To fill out printer inventory reports requiring the asset tag number of all the printers in your area, use the Printer Laer feature in the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool. Page Before you start remote installation, perform laeer following procedures. If you right click on the printer and select Printer propertiesdoes the Sharing tab show the Share this printer and Render Print jobs on client computers selected?


By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of such cookies. Before installing the printer driver on your computer, print the System Settings 132c to check your printer’s IP address. Print Media Guidelines Feeder” for detailed loading instructions. Other Problems Cannot print from Tray 1 because the Covers paper is curled.

To verify the number of printed pages.

Printer Settings Report To verify the printer details such as hardware configuration and software version. Dell fuser is available only through Dell.

Use grain long papers for best results. If the Reset button is tripped and the printer is turned off, the electric leakage detector functions correctly. Then, confirm that there are no scraps of paper remaining inside the printer.

To protect the drums of the toner cartridges against bright pirnt, close the front cover within three minutes.

Go to the next step. Select Registration Adjustment from the list at the left side of the page.

Dell 1320c – Color Laser Printer User Manual

Dell recommends only new Dell-brand toner cartridges for your printer. Page 81 This method is usually the best use of system resources. What OS are you running on your desktop, and what are your desktop specs?


A “Declaration of Conformity” in accordance with the preceding directives and standards has been made and is on file at Dell Inc.

Replace the toner cartridge. Dell recommends cleaning the lser at regular intervals. The Tool Box opens. After the even pages have finished printing out, stack the prints and turn the stack over.

Dell c Color Laser Printer – Can’t Print | Windows Secrets Lounge

Auger Mark Check if the noise from the Play of Sound button is matched with the abnormal noise. Printer Dell c User Manual Dell c: Use the Tool Box to print the color registration chart. FWIW, other computers on the 1320cc can print to the c just fine. All times are GMT Color Laser is displayed normally.