It was working perfectly until a few days ago. Show Dell the money! It is somewhat uncomfortable to touch. You could certainly add more time if you turned down the brightness. Dell XPS M view large image.

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Dell XPS M1710 Review (pics, specs)

After about twenty minutes of being connected, I had additional problems — I would lose my connection, and the small WiFi light would begin to flicker.

This test applies to both Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Once again, that 5, score is on par with high-end desktops, notice the Alienware just 1m710 out the M in the PCMark05 result though.

It replaced the GoGTX. I played through about half of the game, and the game did not become unplayable. Hopefully, this will only be an issue moniror the review unit and not on future systems, we conferred with Dell on this issue and they had not heard such reports and emphasized this is a pre-production unit.

Most of the time, even during firefights, the framerate stayed at 60 or close to it the game is capped at 60FPS. Now, onto the benchmarks!


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Dell M in the dark, dfll to mirror view large image. The area above the keyboard where the status lights are is also somewhat flexible. It now works great using the generic Windows wireless software. The keyboard and palm rest area is made of a thick rugged plastic. In other moonitor, it does not post if the LCD cable is connected. Any help would be much appreciated. This was odd, because I set the wireless card to not turn off and to stay at maximum power.

Dell has a dedicated staff of technical support people for the XPS line of notebooks. What Notebook Should I Buy?

I would only add anti-aliasing at this resolution if you had a dual-graphics card SLI or CrossFire desktop. You have three choices of an OS: ScreenioAug 10, This is very effective del cooling the M, because heat is spread out and has more room to escape.

Commander WolfAug 9, Quake 4 K1710 4 is capped at 60 FPS by default. The Intel Core Duo processor also played a role in this benchmark, because the patch for Quake 4 enables it to use both cores of the processor, effectively boosting performance.


In addition, the palm rests are extremely solid. On the inside it houses the 2. Notebook and Tech Bargains. Dell XPS M left side view view large image.

But if you do, the battery life is respectable for a computer with this much power. How I eventually fixed it ddell by completely uninstalling the wireless adapter, and letting Windows install the wireless card.

Dell offers a few ways to get technical support and varying levels of warranty — from years and optional at home service. Blacky Nov 12, The power adapter is large, almost the size of a DVD in length and much thicker view large image Operating System and Software: I found the screen to be excellent for all tasks, from surfing the web to gaming and watching movies.

XPS M front view view large image. Obviously, more than playable at any setting.