A bomb that hit harry,who had no symbiote didn’t kill him but it’s suppose to kill venom? Ok,if you remember back in Spider-man 1 and even 3,the reason why the pumpkin bombs never killed Peter or Harry,was because they never came in direct contact with the bomb. The original poster is infact wrong. I mean think about it. Theory 1 Suppose that the alien symbiote sacrifices Eddie to die for itself,and escapes through the ceiling during the explosion. Connors’ Lab getting a new host and doing it again?

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You never see the body after the explosion, so obviously he’s still alive.

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However, the DVD release does not have that in there. If not, try changing the channel on the router to either 1 or I mean common sense here. I mean come on that one scene you cannot see him yet you still here his voice. With my above point and this point, it’s not hard to believe the symbiote rebonded with eddie at the last moment and liquified into the crack, and yes, altering the physiology. I watched the ending in slow motion and I see his skeleton in between the top and bottom in the right hand corner.


I think I’ll have to put my faith in the upcoming Ironman movie instead As for the goblin,the new one,well he,s part of the story,he is what makes it interesting. Check those to make sure DHCP is allowed.

Ok,if you remember back in Spider-man 1 and even 3,the reason why the pumpkin bombs never killed Peter or Harry,was because they never came in direct contact with the bomb.

At least we will still have Carnage hopefully and the all woc11 most anticipated villian,the Lizard. Post a comment T itle: It would also get the movies back on track with the Marvel universe.

Why Venom Can’t Be In Spiderman 4

The only purpose for the skeleton to be included was that IF Spider-man 3 was in fact the last movie like it was intended to be then it offers some conclusion to Eddie Brock A.

So here is conclusion. I still kind of doubt Venom survives. This is clearly stated in the comics. So, I would personally be thrilled if they went the route of “Topher Grace died in the explosion, but not before catching syphilis and drinking his body dfrian in water piped in from Mexico. The symbiote could survive on it,s own after the explosion because it is alien. I believe what they didn’t want to show the viewer was that: The original poster is infact wrong.


It remains to be seen what is of a couple of these characters,and maybe some real answers that still need to be expalined.

Everything otherwise, is really in the wind at this point. It stretched him through a small hole in one of the earlier comics after he debuted, which leads me to my last point.

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What do you mean? GPorter Woc11 Aug 4: As the bomb explodes Brock and the symbiote are becoming one and get away straight up out of the explosion. I still respect your vision and all,but we all know what really happened at the end. I have no idea what’s going on here.

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How’s that for a plot device. Venom can always come back. If there’s no trace of Eddie after the explosion, you can’t rule out the possibility that he survived.

Grenade Explosion Again,the grenade that damaged Harry’s face, first hit the wall. Home Archives Contact Login.