Moriador on December 02, , Electroman67 , Jun 7, Who is online Users browsing this forum: Yes, my password is: Hey, dwerlin, pretty funky rhythm playing there! Since this is an RP forum, I’ll point out that the and are similar, but that the offers additional models, as well as XLR outs. I have some older clips unforutnately they’re recorded with a Les Paul which I no longer have, not the Strat which I currently have recorded via USB with a Line 6 PodXT Live that I’ll throw up there too so people can make some tone quality comparisons.

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An update — even with a big fat power line conditioner providing power for just the RP, I’m still getting random low level clicks. This is the bit that appears to have been giving you pain.

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

So, I was thinking ASIO also gives you the ability to tune your system to optimise the latency. Or maybe I need a completely different hook-up. For example, at a chorus, I might need to kick on some funky effect, the turn it off when I get back to the verse.

Audio interface – Soundcard – And no need for ASIO

Hey dwerlin, nice playing – I listened several times, couldn’t hear the difference. Cheers, Keith Sent from my Nexus pr250 using Tapatalk. All times are GMT You can do this by running a cable from your VR15 headphone out into the line in on the existing soundcard probably inbuilt on your PC.


One of the main things ASIO does is to reduce the latency compared with the standard Windows audio sound system. I bought this from American Musical Supply because of the free shipping from Nevada to California, only 2 days.

December 02, Looks line I’ll have to get a line conditioner for my studio. I have an m-audio audiophile sound card in the computer with RCA outs that go to a mixer and then to a stereo amp and stereo speakers.

Moriador on November 29, I’ve been trying to do this with no success. I don’t know if this helps you any but I thought it may be relevant.

I use the USB to record. Your name or email address: Jon, Thanks for the comments I’m digiteh glad you couldn’t really tell where the splits were Oh I’m not sure what the right answer would be with the RP? I had a multi FX 15 years ago and really did not like it.

I want to record, I plug my guitar, hit record, and that’s in the box. I have tried changing the RP latecny from either as short as possible or as long as possible without any improvement. I’ve got an RP I have noticed that mixcraft will not arm a track for recording while I have my pedal pluged in via usb.


can’t record and listen with usb connection guitar – Cockos Incorporated Forums

In their forums there are other people whom have had the same issue. MySpace Music My Gear: If you go into Mixcraft’s Sound Device preferences, click Open Mixer and increase the latency setting, does that help?

Majik Stadium Superstar Posts: That is also why I never bought a modelling amp, too many settings. Find More Posts by capthook.

Using Digitech RP as interface to record using reaper+AT3?

That’s way too much effort just to record a guitar track. Experiment with this before you buy any new toys because you may find some “gotchas”. This can be tricky and is always a bit of a compromise, and you will never completely eliminate the latency due to the audio traversing your PC.