If you find the “Would you like to send email” dialog too annoying, disable security options in your email client. You can specify the image resolution now. It is fixed to dpi by default. If not specified, the job name by default is ‘DOSPrinter’. Could not be bothered arguing. The easiest thing to do is to use a compatible driver that already exist in your windows.

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This will only work if your PC is connected to a network including dialup. It is windowless to keep it simple and discreet.

Tired of old, slow, noisy, expensive DOS printers on Windows? If n is omitted, default value is 7 seconds.

It is a good product, but not an honorable company. Print complex jobs to legacy printers in ‘raw print mode’ including drawings and graphics without going through the windows driver and without changing the original jobs.

It allows your DOS applications to print to any printer.

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By using the ESCkn Select typeface sequence in your document. If you are using a common paper size like Letter, A4, A5, etc, then you don’t need to specify this switch. Dos2ub that case DOSPrinter fits the text width automatically to the paper width.


Valid barcode characters are 12 digits in the range 0 – 9 Invalid characters are replaced with zeroes. How to find the values for n L and n H? Cons They sell one license for one computer, and it can not be transferred or reinstalled.

This is useful for watermarking a company logo, or using a standard form image in the background of the text. The output file is a graphical format type EMF format. Before this version the printer driver handled this function. MyPcName is your network computer name. They sell one license for one computer, and it can not be transferred or reinstalled. Download this few fonts and try them. I am also pleased with the different options provided, such as changing font types, text color selection, font size, language support, and many dos2uzb features.

If using English you can delete the file Language. This way you will have DOSPrinter installed and active all the time without any intervention. Set relative horizontal print position. These methods are simple, but changes the paper source globally, for all the pages under that job. DOSPrinter does not calculate the checksum digit automatically for this dos22usb type.


The job redirection prinrer even if a printer is physically connected to the captured port. Note that there is no space between TOP and n. If you need code page supports you may contact us. Force code pagewhich represents the THAI charset. Download PrnList utility for help with this switch.


Printing to USB or any windows printer from a DOS program

The easiest thing to do is to use a compatible driver that already exist in your windows. Printef Trial version worked OK, I paid for the license key, then program stopped working and started asking for the key, company would not send key or help, and stopped answering my emails.

Start in resident mode. You must manually provide the start and stop characters, which could be characters A, B, C or D.

DOS2USB : Print from, DOS ( LPT1 or PRN ), to any USB/Windows, printer

This form of command shows a message box like the image on the right, displaying all possible paper sources with their ID numbers for the currently selected printer. If you find DOSPrinter useful, buy a registered copy. Smaller nn value means smaller jobs and faster starting of printing.