Driver can be installed and the whole setup can be done in just a couple of minutes without any technical knowledge required. Right Click on the device, select Properties , the Hardware tab, and Properties again. Setting up your controller is relatively straightforward. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. I used a black SONY controller.

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Controller:DualShock 3

So your best bet is doing the whole thing but it seems to be not siaxxis so well anymoreor keep using the Scp thing cause it emulates XInput quite well thus enabling rumble feedback in modern games. You can fully map out controls and save different ones for multiple games and you can even adjust sensitivity for your controller.

I’ve tried it with csgo and aiming was using the motion sensor gyro It would be really helpful if you could provide a screenshot of what you have on binding screen, or, even better, allowed me to access your PC via TeamViewer. You’ll see lots of pop-ups on slxaxis side of your screen as it detects your hardware.


I have been sixxxis MotioninJoy since 8 months now and can proudly say its a great application which always helps me to connect PST controller with my Windows Laptop. I guess it’s just not fully working, or maybe too sensitive or smth. Remove and plug-in again the desired device.

You can also delete the unzipped version of the latest update folder.

I’ll try it when I go home. Overridden Bluetooth Driver Plug-in the desired bluetooth device. You have to go to C: Find the PlayStation 3 controller in the list and check it. Find the PlayStation3 controller in the list, and add it to the favourites.

When you’re done, press Save, name it, upload, and now you can actually check the generic controller support checkbox.

Okay, I’ve updated guide a bit, now the binding screen shows what you have to get in order for DS3 to work properly. Some games let you manually choose your button icons, dualshocj.

MotioninJoy – Download MotioninJoy Application For Free

After that, it eixaxis be recognized. I configure wrong the controller settings, and now I need restore the config because now the binding screen not appear. Unplug it to use it with the Bluetooth dongle. Nihon Falcom Tin Giant. The place for all PC controller and Steam Link users.


How to Use PS3 Controller on PC? Safe and Easy Steps

The steam overlay for mapping the controller is atrocious. It worked with SK: The games that use the DirectInput rumble functions should work fine with that.

In case you’re still on the same problem, I had the same issue and fixed it by opting out of the steam beta program. If they still don’t – it’s possible that your Dualshock 3 has compatibility problems with the Sony driver, and this guide won’t help you.

Hang out and have fun on the IRC and Discord shared chat: If you have any information regarding this it would be greatly appreciated. Meta – Posts regarding the subreddit itself. Don’t leave without your download! It says my controller is a generic Xinput device. You can download the official MotioninJoy application from the download button mentioned below. Make sure you don’t move it around.