See all reviews. As well as its regular car chases, jumps and stunts, The Dukes of Hazzard relied on character familiarity, with each character effectively serving the same role within a typical episode, and with Deputy Cletus replacing Deputy Enos in Seasons 3 and 4, and Coy and Vance Duke temporarily replacing Bo and Luke due to a salary dispute for most of Season 5, being the only major cast changes through the show’s run Ben Jones and James Best both left temporarily during the second season due to different disputes with producers, but both returned within a few episodes. Her name mysteriously changed from Myrtle to Mabel midway through the second season. After completing production on the fifth episode, “High Octane”, the cast and crew broke for Christmas break, expecting to return in several weeks’ time to complete the ordered run of episodes. Hogg is first seen to drive for himself in the second season opener “Days of Shine and Roses”, where he and Jesse challenge each other to one last moonshine race.

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Cooter’s first tow truck was this brown Chevy. The Billboard Book of Top 40 hits 8 ed.

Cooter’s Tow Truck – Dukes of Hazzard Trivia – Dukes of Hazzard Forums –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You’re so helpful Dukess. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Bo, Luke and Daisy also drove Jesse’s truck on occasion.

First seen in duukes second-season episode “People’s Choice”, the character made several return appearances across the seasons. In the third and fourth seasons, when Enos leaves for his own showhe is replaced by Deputy Cletus Hogg Rick HurstBoss’s cousin, who is slightly more wily than Enos but still a somewhat reluctant player in Hogg’s plots.

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One of Hughie’s loyal duo of henchman. Coltrane James Best along with his deputy sand always managing to get caught dukws the middle of the various escapades and incidents that often occur in the area.


Y’all come on in and make yourselves at home in our little piece of Read all 1, reviews.

The producers immediately rushed after him asking where he had bought the horn. Although Coy and Vance were never popular with the majority, a few viewers were disappointed by their departure episode, “Welcome Back, Bo ‘N’ Luke”, which was for the most part a standard episode, with the return of Bo and Luke and the departure of Coy and Vance tacked onto the beginning Bo and Luke return from their NASCAR tour just as Coy and Vance leave Hazzard to tend to a how relative.

The Chevy below makes a few brief appearances, sometimes swapping places with the Ford mid-chase – this picture is from ‘Cletus Fall in Love’ where Cooter’s truck is a Ford as it leaves town, a Chevy during the chase, a Hazzarrd as the chase concludes, and a Chevy as everyone gets out!.

Played by the same actor but with different names on different occasions. Typically, Boss Hogg would call in Row once per season to come up with a particularly dastardly scheme to get rid of the Dukes.

When John Schneider auditioned for the role of Bo Duke, he came dkes the audition in a dilapidated pickup truck, sporting a week-long beard growth, wearing overalls and a white T-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in a sleeve collar, and carrying a can of beer, trying to look the part. It appears many times, this picture is from ‘Good Neighbors, Duke’.

Hazzard County Garage Tow Truck – Picture of Cooter’s Museum and Store Nashville, Nashville

One of Wopat and Schneider’s disputes even before they left was what they considered to be increasingly weak and formulaic scripts and episode plots. By the fourth season, she was a frequently-seen recurring character.

Cooter had many different trucks throughout ahzzard seasons, and even the ones that were meant to be the same had variations. Montgomery mentions this in a feature on DVD versions of the movie.


On such occasions, Bo and Luke usually have to rescue their adversaries as an inevitable precursor to defeating the bad guys; in other instances, the Dukes join forces with Hogg and Coltrane to tackle bigger threats to Hazzard or one of their respective parties. This was something that even show creator Gy Waldron has said was wrong, [7] and that he insisted, unsuccessfully, that audiences would not accept direct character clones and the two replacements should be taken in a different direction characterwise, but was overridden by producers.

Dressed in an all-white suit just like his Uncle Boss, Hughie drove or was chauffeured around in a white VW Beetle with bull horns on the hood, similar to Boss Hogg’s Cadillac.

Write a Review Add Photo. I’ve been doing some research into this vehicle. Instead, the Dukes drove around in a blue Plymouth Fury borrowed from Cooter that Luke later destroyed by shooting an arrow at the car, whose trunk had been leaking due to the moonshine stowed in the back. The television show was based on the movie Moonrunnersin turn based on actual moonshine runners who used a Chrysler named Traveler, after General Lee’s horse with a slight spelling change.

Sheriff Little had an angry tendency to punch and kick fenders and doors off cars he wrecked.

Cooter’s Tow Truck at Cooter’s Place – Picture of Cooter’s Place, Gatlinburg

In early seasons, Hogg was almost always driven by a haxzardwho was normally nameless and had little or no dialogue, but identified on occasion as being called “Alex”; and played by several different uncredited actors, including stuntman Gary Baxley.

Gy Waldron and Jerry Rushing. Read all reviews. Archived from the original on September 20,