This is the password that you’ve set up on your router for people to connect and access the Internet. Does “iwlist scan” now return a reference to eth1 as well as eth0 and lo? Managing Low-battery Conditions Since the driver itself is not as versatile as it’s ndiswrapper equivalent alot of people choose to use ndiswrapper instead hence the how-to. When you try to connect to the network you should get a pop-up box asking for the passphrase for the network, if that doesn’t happen then if you click on the network-manager icon and open up the manual configuration dialog you can configure it there. Backing Up Your Information At least with Linux, I can figure out why.

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Power Control And Light Locations But don’t worry, every so often some genius drops in this thread and posts a link to the native driver how-to like it’s the cure for cancer.

Charging A Battery Pack You might have to do that for wifi-radar, too. No matter, all is well now, I’m off the cat completely http: That’s my whole terminal after doing everything you said.


Never had any erratic disconnects or problems. Now all I have to do is get the WPA to work.

Current Notebook and Tech Deals (Updated 8/19/2007)

I also dv9410js with R but no luck. Serial Dc9410us Location What happens when you try to connect? I did “which wicd-tray” and got the full path. Uh, can you please make in your first post or here the entire guide again, But for people who need to do the whole thing offline? I tried a debug mode boot, and found this error message: In other words that’s what the how-to on the first page of this thread is.

Invalid argument main main-laptop: Is this now working such that if a wired network is detected, the wireless is turned off? I saw 6 wireless networks including my own. Using Wireless Security Features I went to all that effort, not even noticing you’d made another post, sorry!

Wireless Assistant Software select Models Only Viewing Charge Displays I beleive thhe wrapper is installed, see my earlier note.

Sorry for such a long post. It might help to search for a how-to on editing the grub conf first.

Push New Printer Driver To Workstations

It only show wired dv9410ua and Modem. WICD also has a tray icon; if you used the instructions I posted above, you should ev9410us able to run the tray icon using wicd-tray. EXE from the link in the OP. The wifi light turns on when Ubuntu is still loading, so you are probably right, the problem must be with the network manager or something, I’ll try an alternative manager and if doesn’t gets right I’ll post a thread about it, thank you.


HP Pavilion dv9410us vs. Acer Aspire 9410-2028 vs. Acer Aspire AS9300-5349

How do I go about returning the computer for repair. Here is my evidence though.

It would go something like this: What do you mean by a network that “requires a static IP. What do I do if I can’t connect to any WiFi?

Resetting The Computer It worked, I am so happy! Local Area Networks