Suggest other similar software suggested. Ok, call me crazy. I still have problems with sleep mode and have to shut my Mac down completely before unplugging the device. And if the computer goes to sleep, forget about having a connection when you wake it up— have to reboot. This story continues though…. On startup, it takes a lot of seconds to initialize the network and after 10 mns I lose the connection! Equally poor performance on my Thinkpad and Tecra laptops.

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Not even force restart, nothing, nothing. Also how 1122 memory do you have? That I can live with for a while but the real problem I am having is that if I use to many apps that utlilize the network, this utilizing the DWL, my whole os Quit wireless status, log off, sleep, log in, setting are how they were before.

How to Remove DWL-122 Driver 1.4.7 on Mac OS X

Obviously if they did I would have posted it here. Then I tried something. Stay out of my front yard!!!! It worked well enough to buy 2 more. The postinstall script was either not executable 14.7 not readable. I talked to several tech support people during this experience. If you happen to be a newbie of Mac Computer, take the chance to learn something. All they seem to do is crash my 12 every 5 minutes.


Equally poor performance on my Thinkpad and Tecra laptops. Do it once you are certain that you will never use DWL Driver 1. Your email address will not be published.

When I launched a network stumbler I dal the signal strength graph: Therefore, I believe that there is a problem with the driver, not just the physical device. Thanks in advance, davygravy. Safari for Windows 5.

Download Rpg Inferno V2. Searched the D-Link support site and the Internet, no luck. I wrote to D-Links support and they told me to dl newer drivers… but I was already using 1.

D-Link Support Resources

Hopefully, this will help some of you and I really do hope D-Link will acknowledge this update somehow. I will buy a different Brand. The iBook is now plenty happy and using WiFi without an issue. Burlington County College Nursing Program. Just bought the DWL Then I swl using the UsbDriver. I get no mouse movement, no keyboard, nothing, Just have to hold down the power button and reboot.


Seconds after brachiates away to get a banana, the link drops….

How to Remove DWL Driver on Mac OS X

For anyone who cares…another update. My experience with an ibook OS X Ordered 10 of these devices.

Where the fuck does it say that I need to give you a fucking phone number in order to receive customer support on your package? So there is one thing you can be sure of: