I switched to FMJ this year and so far I am very impressed. Multiply the grains per inch by the length. Ive shot CX for years. The stiffness and even construction also aid in accuracy. Started shooting piledrivers in Use this to your advantage to buy them at a discount.

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Bill in MI Feb Jul 27, Posts: My brother is set up with I center punched a nock and the field pointed crater it out.

The 4 Best Crossbow Bolts Reviewed & Revealed ( 2018 Hands-on Guide )

With MM81 on this one, shoot axis and like the insert and narrow diameter. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Then throw a tennis ball half as hard and watch how much further it goes.

Carbon Express does make a heavier arrow than the Maximas.

Was curious of the piledriver staightness, in person, accuracy, 60, 70 yds, w broadheads?? Don’t really see much of a difference in the two. ;iledriver

Carbon Express vs. Easton FMJ’s

Most of my past issues were related to shooting form that were causing the problem more than BH alignment. I always hear people saying they’ll bend. Its a learning curve Also imagine getting hit by the two.


If you are shooting deer or only close layup shots on elk, the lighter arrow will be fine. cafbon

Sep 6, Posts: You have entered an incorrect email address! Features When you build your own arrows, you get to choose which kind of fetching to use, whether you have a right-hand or left-hand spin, what kind of insert, whether or not to use lighted nocks.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Easton Full Metal Jacket The Easton FMJ is a new kind of hybrid construction arrows that blend the best worlds of carbon fiber and aluminum to create a thin but resilient arrow. This helps you judge where you made your shot by taking a sample of the tissue it passed eastn.

FMJ vs. Carbon Express –

Make sure you have the correct spine. Thanks for the feedback guys. I saw the maxima piledrivers today and they weigh IMO I think there one of the best hunting arrows on the market. Discussion in ‘ Bowhunting Talk ‘ started by Jake C.


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Items Only Want to buy or trade? That tennis ball will pack more of a punch than the lighter, faster wiffle ball.

It is the heaviest carbon composite crossbow piledgiver in the lineup. Started shooting piledrivers in I guess it’s all in the bow, shooter, release. He is also a short DL if that means anything to you.

I would recommend them as they have grouped as well as any other arrow I have shot out to 65 yards. Go throw a wiffle ball as hard as you can. I think I bought a total of 3 doz shafts and always culled the bent bs roll test only before hunting season.