And that USB drive you show Mars is a no go. Luckily processor is fitted to a standard socket M not soldered in. I’m totally confused now But more interesting is what Linux had to say see below. ApostateTapir Dec 13, And you’d be better of with an approved Intel chipset.

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I’m totally confused now I have been replying to answers in the thread, not posting new ones. Blacky Dec 828011g, Click on this icon to download the device driver package.

Here is my sandra report for my desktop machine. Ive had so many troubles theres no telling I normally try to be specific.

Falkentyne Dec 15, I’ve also included at the bottom of this posting the relevant 828011g from the end of the manual for this laptop. I have a text file that I use to copy and paste it into my posts.


I dont know of anything I changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Microsoft Silverlight Your version: Step three would be to drop a approved FW card in.

Drivers for ECS G41T-M6 –

The memory was shared with the graphics and I think the BIOS was shadowed which also lost a few megabytes. These results are based on a computer that may or may not contain the same hardware as what you are searching for. However, the other 4 are still performing as USB 1. Or, open up the notebook and read the code printed on the chipset die with a flashlight. I will change out the FW card and the video card. I am not using the Mars 1 usb drive with pro tools.

Your DriverAgent Scan Results

And you’d be better of with scs approved Intel chipset. I didnt buy that HD from alienware. Read it off the back of the CPU – it doesn’t get any more reliable than that. Otherwise it would ask for drivers.

It was sold with only Mb of memory which in this day and age isn’t enough even for web browsing and word processing. AustinChad New Member Nov 30, ApostateTapir Dec 13, Hi again, I finally got it to work.


USB showing up as USB for ECS G31T-M MB | TechPowerUp Forums

Microsoft Windows Vista Home 6. Will check the motherboard.

Following some more digging windows device manager is of 82801y view that I have the chipset. Luckily processor is fitted to a standard socket M not soldered in.

USB2.0 showing up as USB1.1 for ECS G31T-M MB

Windows OS and Software. So what do you think good deal not a good deal? Alienware 18 and M18x.

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