With the exception of the buzzing, i have had all the above stated problems. Do you already have an account? Are these coming out in Canada, or just the USA? First you plug them in the USB. Would you consider opening the drivers up? I would think that if the Headphones are 5. These are really nice headsets, with full sized earcups that fit over your ears, not pressing against them.

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The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset

I love the design, just not a huge PC gamer. For a while setting the Windows volume below 6 results in no sound, and from there it only increases at 16, 22, and increasingly greater intervals.

I expected something along the lines of, well, the Gameport! But it did install under a new Start menu item, so now I have 2 menu items for this one headset.

So Ben, How long before the cord gets a short in it? I’m not a huge audiophile, but I do know when I sound is nice and clear or weird and static-y There are several complaints all over the net with this headset, they should be recalled at the very least.


About those drivers… As a linux user, um… do you at least have a driver on there for Linux? Also i have the problem with sound being too loud, i have it only 1 noch up, and if i go any higher, behneck really loud.

It just went silent yesterday. Clear sound, and okay in the lowest volume setting 6, anything lower mutes it. Really, I think everyone expected more, I mean, at least a product of your own design would have been nice. Headset is poorly made. I can hear others but they can not hear me in squad talk.

EDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 By Ben Heck (Headset) | NotebookReview

I have scoured the net for anyone who has posted about IL2 and the headset and not found anything. I have the same problem and crackling that gets excessively worse as you game. If audiox, can you make a mod for your own mod to make it work with the ?

Yeah, the drivers that come with this fucked them up badly.

Audio FX Pro 5+1 Gaming Headset |

Is there a fix? No, create an account now. Game sounds and Teamspeak all work brilliantly but when i hit the enable extensions to get the sound of other planes etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. First you plug them in the USB.


Peo name or email address: Definitely not what I expected it to be at all, but none the less…congradulations and best of luck on any future product you come out with. Can the follow-up to the excellent Arena headset live up to expectations?

And can these be used for consoles?

As for wireless though? It aint just mine, Bcause I bought 2 and they both do the same thing.

EDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 By Ben Heck (Headset)

My squad uses teamspeak. Go to Sound Tab.

PS3 and Xbox compatible controller similar to the controller? The warranty has since passed and I now have an 80 dollar paper weight. It looks pretty benheeck to. Too many things to go wrong with wireless… Interferrence, batteries dying, two devices to break.

I notified support of some issues that I have.