Thanks boehj, that’s kind of like a pep talk before running into battle: This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Obviously the sample rate switch on the FA is set to 48KHz. The most important sections for the purposes of this exercise would be the description of your firewire card, the interrupt details and the kernel version. However, it’s not unreasonable that bundled cables could be sub-optimal.

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Or if I start jackd with the sound card connected. Linuux computer freezes after about a minute when I plug in my FA As well as the ffado. Latency generally has nothing to do with the cable: The only exception on this are the Apple laptops that have a 6-pin FireWire plug built in.

modprobe raw1394

Ant this is with the stock 64Studio Freebob drivers. Failed to start server[0m ffado-mixer errors: I’m worried I’m going to break my system in my naivety, so any tips would be appreciated. Control and so on with other channels. The new FireWire kernel stack is loaded. Returning to your original question, it is my understanding that many people have successfully used the FA with a 6-pin cable.


Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end ediirol each chapter.

Edirol FA or Presonus Firebox – Linux – Ardour

Note that audio data is handled by jackd and is independent of ffado-mixer and ffado-dbus-server. First of all, good luck! A ediol, if it works for you…. If the forum had someone kindly help me and explain in detail the configuration and Ardor Jackcontrol to recognize the sound card FA When starting jack with -p it caused to have got some underruns and crashed jack after a minute or two next I had to have reloaded firewire modules to liinux jack again.

With a latency of about 2. This will allow us to know exactly how the system is configured and what hardware is present, which in turn can make debugging easier. Then, stable performance at 3 buffers of 64 in fact, better than my old Mia at 2 buffers of What does Jack say when you start the Jack server?


X shipped from your distribution That said, it’s certainly not a trivial affair to get a FireWire sound card working in Ubuntu. Failed to start server[0m.

The 9-pin firewire plug is only used by devices and cards which support the firewire standard, a later version of firewire which doubled the potential throughput of the firewire interface.


Either your FireWire port provides power or it doesn’t. That is, they are used to connect power from the computer to the device. On devices which can run on bus power, the use of a 6-pin cable edriol you don’t need a ilnux power supply for the device.

Edirol fa firewire – LinuxMusicians

When running “ffado-dbus-server” you reported the following output: True old stack active I managed a while a go in the past but can’t remember now But if I uninstall Pulse Audio problem is still there. Click the menu-item called “Documentation”, find the documentation about installation, find the link to evirol If anyone of you had such a problem, please let me know what it is related to, and how to fix it.

You can not connect to the server.

While we’re in the process of preparing for the release of version 2. Help answer threads with 0 replies.