Appendix J Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This appendix contains valuable information to help you solve the most common printer problems for NovaJet series printers. These are the values you will set in the printer menu. Page 68 This is the enhanced print mode the graphics users will use most often. Phillips head screwdriver Remove each ink reservoir from the side cover. Either but or bit wide SIMMs may be used. If the image you send from the computer is of a different length or width than the print area defined for the loaded media size, you can change one or all of the following:

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At this point, you can either drain, flush, and store the reservoirs or install clean reservoirs provided with the NovaInk Reservoir Change Kit.

Squeeze bellows while installing tightly on cartridge. User’s Guide Make sure the suction bulb is making good contact with the jet area.

ENCAD NovaJet 4 User Manual

User’s Guide When the Frame Length option is set to Auto the defaultthe printer assigns the length of the print area based on the width of the media and the Margin option selected Normal or Expand. Steady quality, good price.

Another increasing source of revenue for ENCAD was “consumables,” or inks and special printing media such as paper rolls that were used by owners of its printers. Sales ehcad expected to be brisk, perhaps even surpassing those of the company’s previous products within several years.


Windows 95, but does not support Windows NT.

ENCAD provides a novaje line of high quality inkjet media. Rinse the ink from the bottom of the cartridge using warm distilled water. Encad Novajet 4 color indoor printer. Unless specifically noted, all functions are identical on all three models. Use specially coated inkjet media. Long life, can print about ml inks.

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Novajet 60e, NovajetnovajetNovajetNovajetNovajet Page User’s Guide Components to annually inspect The following components should be cleaned and inspected for damage on an annual basis and replaced if necessary. Remove all the cartridges and drain all the lines before beginning to remove the left cover assembly. Draw the ink into the depriming attachment. E-1 Appendix F Technical information Priming For Cartridge Print Check Use the Prime function to clear the jets and to check that the ink cartridges fire properly.

Internet WEB Page http: Parts installation do require technical professional or special Your printer offers several print modes which let you make tradeoffs between speed and quality. Printing with NovaJet printers The NovaJet series of wide format inkjet printers lets you print on almost anything that will run through the printer, including ENCAD special coated canvas, vinyl, film, and paper.

Misalignment can result from minute variations in cartridges during manufacturing and from cartridge alignment in the printer. Having gone from being a small, continually struggling concern during the s to a major player in the wide-format printer market of the late s, the success of ENCAD showed that the perseverance of its founders and the company’s innovative designs could win it a significant market share despite the efforts of the Goliath-like Hewlett-Packard to vanquish it.


It can be harmful if swallowed, and should be kept away from children. Page User’s Guide To fill the ink reservoir Note: Slowly squeeze the bottle, dispensing all of the ink into the cartridge. To purge ink delivery lines Notes: ENCAD recommends that you prime the cartridges when they have not been used for a few days to ensure the best possible print quality.

User’s Guide Contents – continued Chapter 4 Positioning an image Several other patent infringements were claimed, though these were dismissed in August User’s Guide Making multiple prints You can set the printer to print a specific number of vector files, during printing, as long as there is data in the buffer. Watch the line for the flow of ink and for any air bubbles. Aligning The Ink Cartridges User’s Guide Aligning the ink cartridges Color calibration aligns the inkjets of the cartridges to each other.

ENCAD manufactured its printers using outside companies, who did the injection molding and steel fabrication.