Also, does anyone know if the max power draw of the engraver is the same as the laser wattage? Ventilation System External exhaust to the outside required. Motion Control System High-speed, continuous-loop, DC servo motors using linear encoding technology for precise positioning. Vector color mapping links speed and power settings to any RGB color. With text and simple graphics the banding isn’t noticeable. I had banding on my ep 24tt, the eventual fix was to replace the tube.

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All times are GMT It could be the table being out of level but I doubt it. Originally Posted by Dustin Beach.

Epilog Legend 32EX Laser Upgrade

Material Handling – Automatic. A lot of times, there’s a plate near the plugin that tells your the average or peak current draw, multiply that by the voltage assuming and you have your power.

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The ovals with wavy edges sound like they could be the encoder, it probably needs cleaning. Let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll go from there. We recently purchased a year old Epilog Legend 32EX W from out local distributors it was a screaming epiolg deal, and gives us the size and power we wanted but couldn’t afford new. If you’re mostly doing nameplates and rastering acrylics and plastics then the A power is probably what you’re getting.


State-of-the-art, digitally controlled, air-cooled CO2 laser tubes are fully modular, permanently aligned and field replaceable. Originally Posted by Mike Null. The max power draw will be dependent on the wattage of the legenv.

Find specific machines by category, keyword, model, manufacturer, region, etc. We decided that it was most likely a lens alignment problem, as the laser seems to be cutting at a slight angle and also loses power the further you get from the static mirror on the pegend.

And people even suggest that it could be input power quality, as in, your outlet. Louis, MO Posts 12, Thanks for the replies! This item may be lgend floor model or store return that has been used. Some time back Epilog had very frequent X axis motor issues. Not an uncommon subject, but there wasn’t many results when shearching for “Banding” maybe that was another forum.

If you can provide the wattage of the laser and the type of application the machine is mostly used for then we can get a better idea of current draw. Vector color mapping links speed and power settings to any RGB color. I would strongly advise you just as Shaddy did to get in touch with Epilog tech support as soon as you can. The laser tube is only one part of the engraver.


Legend 32EX Technical Specifications

Laser Engraving – find out how Epilog’s laser engravers can create beautiful engravings. Epilog Laser manufactures the world’s leading laser engraving and cutting systems, proudly made in the USA. Output diameter at machine is 6″. Call Michael Panel Saws – Vertical. Let us know what turns up.

Drop-down menus provide user control of all laser settings, calibration, and special features. Ventilation System External exhaust to the outside required.

As we’re new to lasers at this point, can anyone give us some pointers as to what we should be looking for? Also, the image always goes from light on the edges legfnd dark in the middle horizontally.