Colour Restoration Restore original colours of faded photos to make them look new again. I managed to recover their detail by putting them directly on scanner bed. Digital Enhancement Solutions For Photo: It is clear to me now that I should have bought a dedicated medium format film scanner right from the start, which once again confirms that photography is a very costly hobby and it gets even more expensive if you try to save money by buying cheaper equipment. Transparency unit comes uninstalled. Image enhancements include color restore and dust removal. This does not seem to influence sharpness; however, it causes distortion of the geometry of scanned images.

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This, basically, leaves us with only two possible realistic maximum resolutions— and dpi.

The Best Photo Scanners of 2018

As you can see from the tables above, where the old Minolta takes 36 seconds the new Epson requires almost seven minutes; likewise, where the lowly Minolta needs only 58 seconds, the supposedly great Epson devours over 17 minutes and that is at a poto lower resolution.

Talking about mechanical construction, film holders are all glassless and quite flimsy. Scans slides, negatives, and transparencies, as well as epsn photos and artwork. However, the estimation might change several times during the process of scanning and jump from, say, four 39950 to thirty nine or from “less than a minute” to 10 minutes. To make a comprehensive conclusion whether this was the case I decided to check it in the following ways: Digitize Your Precious Photos Both photo buffs and family archivists often turn to photo scanners to digitize their prints and film.


Talking about flatbed scanners in general, I received the following message from a reader in Spain:.

The Best Photo Scanners of – PCMag UK

I’ve just read your comments about the Epson First, let us have a look at scan times when scanning 35mm slides. It may seem a basic scanner to you veterans but for now it works well for me although it does seem desperately slow. Obviously, the Minolta scanner is much more capable of extracting subtle detail perfectlon slides.

As you can see, scan time results have improved drastically, which indicates that they do indeed massively depend on how perection your computer is and how much RAM it has. When scanning bigger film formats scan times get even eoson ridiculous—here are some examples all for 6X6 film, 16—bit colour output, with unsharp mask, grain reduction and colour restoration off:.

I have to say that all this makes me very curious about what I perfction as overly optimistic reviews of the scanner on the Internet. Due to these reasons, I further tested the Epson on a 1. Epson Perfection V scanner – any good? The models we highlight here run the gamut from inexpensive consumer units to scanners aimed at serious photographers, be they professionals or advanced amateurs.

Epson Perfection – how good? how crap? | PC Review

If you own a decent computer i. Removes background for better clarity, which is especially useful for double-sided printed documents. I never found out how long scanning at this resolution takes as it is not fun waiting on your scanner for at least three hours. The only thing is it takes a while to scan, but the scans are great and the OCR phpto very well.


Accurate colours and details can be reproduced with bit colour depth and embedded ICC profile. Scan modes range from full auto to full control over settings.

Inconsistent commands from one choice for scanning to the next. One feature shared by nearly all true photo scanners is a flatbed design. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

Most such scanners provide photo-friendly features, such as high resolution and the ability to scan transparencies such as slides and negatives in addition to photo prints. Day and night difference but avoid multi—scanning—for some reason epsin scans do not overlap properly causing blur. Little automation in software.

Epson Perfection 1250 – how good? how crap?

On paper, the appears able to replace dedicated film scanners; in reality, however, a flatbed scanner remains a flatbed scanner—its performance is nowhere near that of dedicated film scanners—even some old ones. Epson Perfection V Photo.

Scans only one slide or frame of film at a time. Hardware-based dust and scratch removal. The Plustek OpticFilm i Ai film scanner offers high resolution, hardware-based dust and scratch removal, and perrection color calibration for scans.

I think people should be warned about this. Kennedy McEwen, Feb 20,