This is the fundamental solution to the error message. When try a message saying the scan cannot be found appears. The only major pro on this item is that the ink can be found for about a buck a cartridge on ebay for the generics, so cost wise, it’s definitely worth it if you can afford the headaches. The customer will be required to return the goods to the company before a refund can be processed. I has at one time after many attempts printed a nozzle check. This was my first all in one.

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But there is a risk one day ink overflows from ink-absorbent pad.

Epson CX Driver & Downloads

It worked for me and though I got a message saying there was a problem connecting with the scanner, I tried it anyway and it worked. Like others this printer just quit shooting ink. I should also mention that all three of my printers in the house are exhibiting abnormal behavior and they all started at about the same time, which should be a little better than anecdotal evidence that what ever is happening might be relating to all three printers. I have one of these printers and wanted to buy another.

I’ve tried the re-setting process of pushing the buttons several times but still keep getting the black ink out message – I originally replaced atylus with a non-epson cartridge which has worked fine beforeit seemed to go ok as i got the message that the cartridge was charging, but then got blank pages. The only major pro on this item is c6060 the ink can be found for about a buck a cartridge on ebay for the generics, so cost wise, it’s definitely worth it if you can afford the headaches. Many many thanks– so impressed i wish i had found your site before i bought a new printer-the dealers of course tell us that we need a new printer!


epson cx6600 needs reseting

That will ususally fix it. I now have it reset but need to change the waste ink pads.

That took care of my dad’s sty,us and he’s happy. Cannot reset it, can anybody help please??? Hello, my cx has ‘Printer error and call service.

You saved my printer, hours of my time, and pounds of my hard earned cash! Paul should be given a Medal for this information – richardhie. Look in the paper tray.

I lost the display on my printer, so I depend on people like Paul to give me button sequences to fix printer problems. I’m ready to throw this CX over the balcony rail!! I attepted to clean it to no avail and ended up replacing the xtylus.

Sponge was hardly discolored. Good luck to you who are sticking with your Epson. Also its used to print color photo’s.

Yesterday I thought my CX was bound for the scrap heap, today it’s perfect again ‘ first time ‘ after pushing a few buttons as per Paul’s posting. The delivery time on K-Bins is quoted as working days. Open your machine, and check the ink-absorbing pad, that is, a long black sponge at the very bottom. After having a good chuckle he said he’d send it back to Best Buy for pickup and that is where it sits today.


If I cant fix it I would look to buy the same or similar model. You will see a green and brown pad. I had just replaced blk day before problem and cartridge seems struck.

This printer was not new and the printheads are clogged.

epson cx needs reseting | FixYourOwnPrinter

Epson called and the tech told me that my print head was clogged and that they could not get it unclogged. I used this to print pictures, scan photos, make copies, and do other regular stuff. Why is this review inappropriate? The c66000 message” is gone, the “protection counter” ssc utility is back to 0, the printer works so far. If the item is urgent please contact us to check availability before ordering.