Very frustrating to sit at a fast computer and watch that bar creep across. It is faster once I removed the MS pre-installed items. I have the same question I tested png and the result was the same. Once the screen is finally up, make a shortcut of, say the printer, and put it on the desktop. Did this solve your problem?

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The same computer might open Devices and Printers slowly one day and pop open the next day. If I attempt to print anything else my printer fails. Jun 3, at 1: I cannot recall this being a problem on previous versions of Windows. Learn how your comment data is processed. ET6 never gets past the error message, never loads at all really. I notice there is a file named C: Win 10 installed a week ago with all working good until this AM.

I am using the latest BIOS f3g. Downloaded latest version from link and made sure all items showed in taskbar.


Windows 10 And The Slow Devices And Printers Window | Bruceb News

This is my first Gigabyte bord after many years and I am very disappointed to discover that the software is still not working like years ago. The most frequent solution involves Bluetooth settings, for some reason.

Your Username or Email Address: I am wondering if it fixes the fails-to-start problem. Others say that makes no difference. I can’t help further with the missing driver or the complete failure to start because ET6 has always worked for me.

This Driver can’t release to failure in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

EasyTune 6 doesn’t open. Then reset each to Automatic.

I can reload my printer driver from HP website. This will check all files that are important and replace the corrupt ones if any are found. See if that changes the way Devices and Printers starts up. Type troubleshooting on the search bar and click on Troubleshooting.

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George Ulrich Replied on April 3, I tried contacting Gigabyte’s support but that has become more and more useless over the years.


Mar 30, Posts: Guess it depends on your purpose but fwiw.

This one has me stumped. On some Windows 10 computers, some of the time, opening the Devices and Printers window in Control Panel takes anywhere from 90 seconds to five minutes. It’s running fine on this current install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, it also runs on XP bit on the same rig.

WnKeeney Created on September 17, Vidojko Created on June 16, When a print job gets stuck, or the computer loses its connection to a printer on the network, a trip to the Devices and Printers window is required to check the printer properties and clear print jobs. I’m just eg6, because I’m trying to overclock my i7 to 4 GHz. All have been floated as possible causes. Vould i didnt saw it.