The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If I’m going to have to jump sectors back to space I already know, I might as well make the most of it! I’m having all kinds of trouble trying to figure out where to find the Mantis drive. See you out there! Is Pearl system a safe place?

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Still, once you go Mercenarj, you’ll never go back. Board index All times are UTC. Board index All times are UTC. No more Space Turtle TM wings though: The hidden planets seem to pay extra for stuff like platinum.

If you are mining, you can stick a waypoint exactly at the station docking bay when you are there and exactly at the asteroids. Let me know if you know the source and I will give proper credit Once you have 3 million, you want to fly to the Pearl System.

Want to add to the discussion? I’m newbie in this game, but already played quite some time and read some info. A class 1 Fulcrum painted gold.

Just keep on resetting the game until you get one. You just have to keep trying but hostile hidden systems planets would be the best bet! Civilian ships have 4 numbers associated with them Capacity — This determines the number of crew members, equipment slots, countermeasures capacity groups of 25and secondary weapons slots. I know that, in real life, we are interested in the middle of Andromeda, as we believe there to be a relatively young star cluster there, but I wonder if the developer programmed it there Hitting a Navy capital ship will send your reputation far, far downhill.


The earlier you kill enemy fighters the less they can gang up on you. Upgrade to a Fulcrum drive C5 if you can. Port Oasis Station X: It won’t stop you from being attacked, but at least you won’t be charged a docking fee while it happens.

Since the mantis drive is in a hidden planet in pearl, how do I buy the mantis drive safely without getting shot by the hostle ships? If you complete missions successfully with them or pay them more than they are worth their loyalty will increase.

A general rule is that the further away from Sapphire you are, the higher the Tech-Level. Where to buy a mantis drive? Don’t buy one at Pearl hidden base as that will lower the sell price for things there.


There is danger in using Excals when there’s also a likelihood you’ll have a few left over, seeking any target, after you’ve destroyed the last Red. If I find no quick way home near my destination, I will make a proper exploration on my way back.


Took a while, evochrron finally found it.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. Not sure why or how it’s there.

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There merrcenary be a lot of hostile ships surrounding it, so go into the docking bay quickly. You will have to pay an entry fee because you are unpopular in the system and then hit the Enter Station button quickly so you don’t get shot. Sign up for free! The ONLY reason I found it was because I just happened to look to the right between jumps and notice the very edge of some ice rings as I was passing by on autopilot.

They also increase their skill with time. You can mine it with your tractor beam. Haven’t seen Vonari in a looong time.