Your modem is actually a low power radio transmitter and receiver. If the first character of the recipient number is D or d the message will be sent as data. Important User Information Observe all necessary safety precautions when controlling More information. The appearance and structures 4 5. In case of damage because of using a speed which exceeds bps, no liability is accepted. This licence number you can get through conventional sales or by order per.

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In this manual you can also find commands to control and configure the unit. The GSM standard has been established for use in a2s European community and elsewhere.

They also include GPS functions for position determination. However your modem operates more efficiently with the antenna fully extended. Serial Parallel Communication Printer Fast, but distance cannot be great.

Call in progress Page For more details please download its corresponding manual hardware description from the Falcom s homepage Page 6. All other brand and product More information.

FALCOM A2D-3, A2D-3JP3, A3D & A3D-JP3 – PDF

The memory for that function is calculated for a maximum of 16 messages with Byte length. Hand-held barcode scanner Dimensioned drawing Part No.

Otherwise, have your antenna repaired by a qualified technician. Reserve the right to change or modify this product without notice. All other brand and product. EZmoto V2 Product description Rev. If the first character of the recipient number is S or s the message will be sent as SMS.


FALCOM A2D-3, A2D-3JP3, A3D & A3D-JP3

The allowed maximum load current by using all channels IO s together is 1 A max. Supports Bluetooth Serial More information. They include fuelling areas such as petrol stations ; below decks on boats ; fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities ; and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders. Kind of input trigger: The given current consumption is for a full charged battery.

Software changes may have More information.

Power on, not registered in the network Green flashes, orange lights: Power on, registered in the network Green and orange flash slowly and alternately: Short Messages Services features: Do not transport or store flammable gas, liquid, or explosives, in the compartment of your vehicle which contains your modem or accessories.

The outgoing SMS could be rejected -Mobile Station loses the radio link -Mobile Station does not receive the acknowledge from the network about 28s after transmission of SMS -Mobile Station does not receive the acknowledge from the network about 42s after the channel establishment request -Service Center Address is wrong -Destination address is wrong -The SMS a2 been refused by the network destinatio number is not GSM one, the service center is wrong, the service is not available Before each remote configuration command SMS the user has to send the correct password.


The value of this counter will be set in a position message and can be used to check the configuration of the GSM modems. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in this document. ad2

This guide will help you get connected as quickly and More information. Pin-out of interface B. Firmware download in progress – Green flashes quickly and orange lights: Your GSM modem is one of the faldom exciting and innovative electronic products ever developed. Green and orange light: Call number of recipient for SMS or data name: Application Note 83 Fundamentals of Serial Communications Due to it s relative simplicity and low hardware overhead as compared to parallel interfacingserial communications is used extensively within.

For a full functionality of the modems fallcom valid SIM card must be inserted.